Curlews in Flight revisted

I have had a request for a print of this shot so I thought I would rework it with my current day skills. I am pretty happy with the result so I thought I would also repost it!

14 thoughts on “Curlews in Flight revisted

  1. yep, great shot mate! good fletch style with the white sky.
    Does the buyer want these dimensions? rekon it could look good with a touch off the top and bottom?

  2. Well to be honest not sure if I like it mate hmmm oh thats because I love it what a great image of the lovely North we have I am sure there is tranquility in there somewhere to eh Markie great shot mate šŸ™‚

  3. Love it! such a nice photo! Going to have to disagree with my bro on this one though ahah. i like the empty space at the top and bottom – makes it feel out in the open where you would expect to see something like this…

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