Mark’s Island’s Beautiful Knarley Tree











Here is another view of that wonderful Knarley tree that Christian Flemming and myself found on Mark’s island.

I took a few shots to try and do it justice and I think this one come close in some way to showing off its unique features and lines

6 thoughts on “Mark’s Island’s Beautiful Knarley Tree

  1. Hey mate, it was indeed an impressive tree you had on your island. We got the honour of circling the island, shooting Mark's Island including Mark in a 360 degree sweep. Content-aware fill to the rescue šŸ™‚

    Possibly there is a bit too much going on in this composition. I appreciate the tight crop creating tension in the image. Sometimes I whack a big gaussian blur on my image to check out the lines, that way all details are gone and I can look at just the lines. In this image the lines confuse me a bit.

    1. Yep I'm hearin ya mate…..I really wanted to get the right shot of that tree…coz it was a cracker, but not sure I have done it justice yet! Will keep looking!

      1. We have to go back anyway, Mark's Island needs a re-visit so does the Volcano and the villages etc etc etc šŸ˜€ Let's get the boys together and take off, pick me up from the pier here in Broome? šŸ™‚

        1. Indeed Bomont!

          Rabaul and Mark's island need a serious revist I reckon and that little island out from Luscernque!



  2. Heya Mark,
    I think you have found my home away from home here mate I think the knarley tree looks good can imagine tying up the dingy to it as I get home from blissful fishing and shooting images all day eh.

    1. Thanks Tone and Brett…yep it was a seriously cool spot…could have spent ages there but as it was we had to catch True North up!



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