PNG Island Magic






The lovely Peta-Anne North sent me some ideas on my previous post today which was much appreciated. One of her worked versions of my images used desaturation of the background to make the foreground jump, so I have used this technique to come up with a similar result…although still different, with this new take on Mark’s Island.

I keep coming back to this little island as it was gold and I want to end up with a couple of images that do the location justice…hope I am not boring any of you with my persistence!

Stubborn little cus ain’t I!

Thanks again for the ideas Peta!

12 thoughts on “PNG Island Magic

    1. Thanks Bo…but I kinda like it out of all my attempts!

      I agree that it would have been nice to have a bit more time to look at better compositions, but as you know we were very pressed for time on that excursion!

  1. oh no don't try to beat him on the Fooze table Flemimaster, even your jedi mind tricks pail into insignificance compared to the power of Markies Fooze Force!

    I like it mate, just not as much as I like mine! haha

    1. I have no doubt I will get my ass royally kicked on the football table. Nevermind. The real trick is having the guts to compete in something you suck at šŸ™‚

      As for Markie's Island… I still win, I still rate mine the highest hehehehe.

      Jedi Mind Tricks: You don't need to see other pictures. Flemming's is the art you are looking for!

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