10 thoughts on “Steep Island Gardens

    1. I am thinking that would be a tough mission there Brett! I climbed a much smaller rock mass in this area and that was tough enough!

      A bit of history though…apparently the aboriginals used to throw criminal types off Steep Island as punishment. The deal was that if they survived then they were innocent…yeah right! As if one could survive that fall!

      1. Yeah hmm I couldn't imagine surviving that fall at all but there must be a way to the top though if they threw people off it then.
        P.S. bet the fishing is good there to eh šŸ™‚ great image though you could spend ages up there roaming around thats for sure.

        1. Fishing is good everywhere up there mate!

          Bara around every corner just about…Mangrove Jack, Fingermark and the Mackies tend to go off at the base of Steep Island!

  1. That is one impressive island. I do think I prefer the clear shots of this island, without the foreground here. It's just my weird preference, I am not a big fan of foreground that is not connected to the subject, the island, which is miles from the foreground.

    Steep Island, for once a fitting name although surely it must have a proper traditional name.

    (I seem to have fallen behind a bit on your blog, must be Broometime slowing me down šŸ™‚

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