Milne Bay Yachts











Christian has already posted a version of this shot, but was landscape.

I have treated the somewhat different to how Christian handled it…I liked his shot a lot, but I think this version also has some merrit.

Fays Bay Sunset

As Jamie Paterson said in his latest post, the skies have been awesome over the last few days and last night I managed to get out to Fays Bay and Jordie over at my favourite playground…Rottnest Island.

I have shot Fays quite a few times and have also posted quite a few images of the bay, but this perspective sort of jumped out at me last night.

Volcano Guy











On the way out from our epic Volcano Adventure, we came across this old guy who actually lives in a small hut where the Volcanic ash is still evident all around where the old township was.

Not sure how old this fellow was, but if I look half as good as he does at his age, I will be very happy!

He just cruises out and catches his fish with this dugout and obviously doing all the paddling every day isn’t doing him any harm at all!

At the request of Mr Bo Jangles I have put up a different version to the top image based on his comments….hope you like it Bomontaruny!

Pikininis chilling out











As we cruised up the East Coast of PG on the mighty True North, we were invited into a number of villages for Sing Sings and ceremonies. This is Mansava Village up near Kevieng and is somewhat more advanced than some of the more Southern villages.

They even had a key board and a 1kva genset, blended together with wooden drums and a guitar!

The show was awesome and the kids, especially the boys got right into the show.

What walking around after the show it became very evident to me that it was normal for elder kids to look out for their younger brothers and sisters and I guess why it stuck out for me was simply that in western societies the norm is for kids to simply not want to be seen around their brothers and sisters.

This shot shows 2 brothers chilling out whilst the young one was savouring some soda water. The light glowing on their golden afros attracted me to the shot!

Starfish Abstract








Here is an image that will change the setting and the mood a little…still showing off the water clarity of PNG waters.

These cute little star fish were in abundance when we got off True North in Kevieng. They were all in the shallows and slowly moving around looking for w’ho knows what’.

I thought they made for a nice Seascape Abstract…and once again my wife likes it, so that’s all that counts I guess!

PNG Tranquil Waters








Here is another version of a previous shot I took in the same location. I think this one actually works better and I am very happy with the outcome.

This is where our fellow blogger Mr. Bo Jangles spent 3 hours in the water…that’s why he didn’t get any shots like this! He was making up for 38 years of not snorkelling in one foul swoop!

Don’t worry mate…CF and I still managed to get some gold whilst you were getting wet!

Pikinini Cruiser!

I think this shot typifies the idealic lifestyle of the young Pikinini’s in PNG. Here is a young fella chilling out leaning up against a hut in the shade with his favourite stick.

He is not looking to go out and get his next Xbox game, or looking to anyone for his next new toy…he is just happy with what he has.

Everywhere I looked in PNG I saw very healthy, fit and content people. At one of the schools the teachers were using little canes to keep kids in line with a slight tap and the discipline was obvious.

Our modern day society has lost its way I reckon. We are a spoilt and wanton society that really has no concept of the important things in life any more.

I shudder to think what the next set of rules will be coming out to ‘protect us’!

We sure can learn something from these people!