Happy New Year for 2011

Graham Leggette made comment a while ago that he rated this Orangutang shot of mine as one of the better shots of 2010, so I thought I would post it as a happy new year image to both celebrate the passing of 2010..phew…and welcome in 2011.

2010 for me has had a number of challenges, but we have managed to rise to all of them, but I am kinda looking fwd to 2011 all the same!

My blog is now approaching 100,000 hits and in the new year Flemming Bo Jensen, alias Bomont, Bomontaruny, Mr. Bo Jangles and Flembot is going to put together a website for me to be able to sell images on line. So next year is going to take my photography to a new level and I welcome that challenge. Thanks for the assistance Flembot!

Thanks also to my little buddies Christian and Mike Fletcher for all their support last year. I always enjoy our adventures and there will be many more to come I am sure!

A special mention to Brent Pearson also for his tutoring and advice with off camera flash etc, thanks mate.

Thanks also to Tony Hewitt and Peter Eastway for their tutoring at Karijini.

And last but not least are the bloggers…yep you guys out there. It is a very strong community that has risen to the occasion a couple of times this year to assist other bloggers. The community will only get stronger as the numbers grow and with additional people coming into the community so will additional benefits and ideas.

It was great to see a heap of you on board the True North last Australia Day and hopefully we will get to see you all again this year, with perhaps a mix of new players. It will be a great day with a number of prizes on offer thanks to Team Digital and Rodney Thomas and his new rip stop bag. Rodney the man himself is flying over specially for the event so come along and meet the man and find out why these bags are setting new stds in camera bags!

So enjoy tomorrow evening and bring on 2011 I say!

Willyaberup Beach, Margaret River





Whilst waiting for the Cape to Cape runners the other day at Willyaberup, I saw this scene where the beach break water formed a pool on the other side of the waterside sand dune.

The awesome cloud from earlier was starting to break up, but I was still left with some to work with.

I nice tranquil scene I thought and a beautiful location.

It is a bit of a 4wd mission to get there though, which is probably why it is still pristine!

Karates Surf Break at Lefties








Down south again and a shot taken whilst following the Cape to Cape runners.

We are at Left Handers Surf break here just up from Karates. I was seriously thinking to myself that I took along the wrong toy when we got here.

Lefties was smokin and only 2 guys out…which is unheard of…doh!:(

But I think this pic came out OK and the skies were really cool once again.

Luscernque Islands PNG








I hope everyone had a great Xmas and did not indulge to much!

The other day I was going through some PNG images and found this stand out shot which is so typical of the islands within the Luscernque group, colourful, pristine, tropical paradise in every sense of the word and remote.

These islands are about 100 nm off the Coast of PNG just out from Tufi and are probably up there with my favourite areas in PNG actually.

Co-incindently this is also where Christian Fletcher had the mishap with his Phase, so I am guessing that he doesn’t have such fond memories of the area!

Cool Skies

Jamie Paterson was wondering what I was seeing when I was taking this image, but to me this image is typical of what the Margaret River area offers, beautiful beaches, fishing off the beach, seclusion, white sands and cool colours.

Hopefully the image does capture these feelings and emotions of the Margaret River area.

The Ghost of Jamie!








This was one of the last shots I took on Tuesday night at the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse. The neat little hut certainly made for a great subject matter as a setting to show off the full moon and the cool clouds that were streaming overhead.

If you look closely you will see what looks like the Ghost of Jamie Nicalaou (did I do better this time with the spelling Jamie)…he was setting up a shot over on the Eastern end of the house and with a 5 minute exposure I caught his outline and the glow of his face…pretty cool I reckon.

I hope that everyone has had a great Xmas and is together with family.

Thanks heaps for all the comments this year and the support.


True North Mark

Boranup Forrest





We had a few spare moments…in fact 5 minutes to get a few Boranup Forrest shots, which has been on my ‘to do list’ for a while now.

As it turns out we have the perfect light to shoot the forrest thanks to the quirky cloud hanging around all day and this is the first result..kinda works I think?

Australia Day Workshop on True North

What is 50m long, has 6 tender boats, a helicopter, 5 star luxury and floats???

Yes, you guessed it, True North. Now what if I was to say we are running the Australia Day workshop again like last year. Would you get excited, hell yeah!

It’s on, the best one day workshop the planet has ever seen. 26th of January 2011, leaving Fremantle. If you missed out last time don’t sit back thinking it won’t fill again.

This is the last chance to get that christmas shopping done. Why not shout your wife, your husband, your lover, even the dog would learn something!

So the speakers will be

Christian Fletcher – You know who I am.

Tony Hewitt – The youngest Grand Master Photographer ever. (can see a great composition with his eyes closed)

Nick Rains – Master photographer and editor of Better Digital Camera Magazine (hobbies include reading manuals)

Michael Fletcher – The video Guy (Has a famous brother I believe)

To book your place email or call the True North office. 08 9192 1829  or cruise@northstarcruises.com.au Cost is $295 per person and includes lunch, tea and coffee and 4 world class speakers.

What will make this workshop special is the depth of knowledge the speakers have. Tony is one of Australia’s leading visual artist, in fact one of the worlds leading visual artists with wins at WPPI in Las Vegas against photographers from other countries.

Nick is one of the smartest men in photography today, his humour and presentation skills will have you wanting more.

Michael is the leading dslr video exponent in the state with stunning visuals and all the techniques to share that will have you shooting and editing masterpieces to rival the best in hollywood!

As for me, I will be bringing to the table the latest photoshop techniques I am using and more. Some say that I could even make one of Mervs photos look good. That is pushing it though!

I will post more details as they come to hand but the main thing is you book now. This gig will fill super fast. The experience of True North coupled with the best photography workshop in Australia makes it a must do event. We will cruise to Rottnest and commence the workshops. You will be able to see all of the speakers and then join them for a sunset on Rottnest with your camera getting tips to improve your captures. We will then cruise back to Fremantle under the stars to cap off a memorable day.

And yes if your wondering that is Flemming Bo Jensen on the deck of True North


The Cape to Cape Runners

Here is a cross section of the runners Michael Baldock and Andrew Cohen….thanks Merv for enlightening me as to the details!

I was pre occupied with other things on the night such as sleeping on a wooden floor with no cushioning at all etc!

As Merv mentioned in his blog post, one of the goals of the run was to raise awareness to the Fred Hollows foundation and to also raise some funds as well.

I have a lot more shots of the runners, but these will give you a good cross section of the short of terrain they had to endure…everything from boggy sand to rocks and major hills!

I get tired just working up the shots!