The Nomad Photographer at Work!

Most of you will know the famous Nomad photographer, Flemming Bo Jensen, alias Bo, Bomont, Bomontaruny, Albert and various other Nicknames he has accumulated along the way.

Well here is a quick shot I caught of him at work at Luscernque Islands, just after Christian had the incident with his Phase!

If you look closely off in the distance you might see a ‘grown man crying”’well that would be the one and only Christian Fletcher crying over his drowned Phase!

Bomont is living the dream and going where the wind and whims take him on his photographic journey…this True North adventure was certainly a highlight in this nomads travels and I don’t think I saw him without a smile on his face the whole trip…apart from maybe when he knew the adventure was over!

10 thoughts on “The Nomad Photographer at Work!

  1. Aw shucks, thanks mate, a post in my honour. Cool picture I like that one much. And yeah I basically remember smiling constantly as well, right up until we had to leave. I want to do PNG extended next year mate!

    I have video footage from the exact position where I am standing, in the background you can see Christian mucking about in desperation and it is deeply saddening. Poor fella!

    PS. Charlene and Nigel, look, I am wearing a blue shirt! Different uniform!

    1. A real honour to step in the footsteps of Hack 1 and 2 ! Actually, a real pain, you could have walked in the water, had to clone out all those footsteps of Hack 1 and 2 !!! Bastards šŸ™‚

  2. mate if you had shot this on a Phase back you would have had a better chance to see a grown man crying! Charlene, I don't think I will ever recover!

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