Transport Options, Altered Landscapes



My little buddy Christian Fletcher has been posting a few ‘altered landscapes’ of recent times and the suggestion has been to try and make a story out of a photo rather than just a straight landscape.

As I passed by this bike with True North in the background it occurred to me that the 2 forms of transport are diametrically opposed and could not be further apart from each other if they tried!

The bike would only cost a few hundred dollars at most to purchase and relies on human energy to make it work, with no impact on the greenhouse emissions apart from the occasional flatulence! ๐Ÿ™‚

True North on the other hand is a purpose built machine worth many millions of dollars that is capable of transporting people all around Australia to some of the most exotic destinations in the world. Sure there are a few emissions to deal with but when you consider the amount of people we get to these locations and just how far and out of the way they are, then i am sure we could amortise the emissions over the range of people who get enjoyment out of True North cruises couldn’t we?

Well, that’s my take on altered landscapes for a while…focus stacked using my 50mm 1.2 F stop prime!

What’s up Doc!









I captured this cool character on the side of the road on the way home yesterday. I think he might have been injured, but he did move away slowly after this pic, so hopefully he was OK.

The look on his face was so much like that of bugs bunny and so…’what’s up doc’!

he was quite happy for me to get close and to check him out and he was quite a size and probably easily as big as me when he stood up.

Storm Clouds at Wyadup

Cyclone Bianca changed the plans for heaps of people this weekend…me included!

We were on the way to Rotto again until late Friday arvo when the forecast convinced me that maybe Eagle Bay was a safer option.

As it turned out Cyclone Bianca should have been called ‘Fizza Bianca’ as a rival thunderstorm in York and Northam showed Bianca what real havoc is all about!

In any case Christian Fletcher, the Flembot and my mate Ian Wise all met at 0445 on Saturday morning at Wyadup and were treated with some OK clouds and light created by Bianca.

I must say that I did not have such a good morning as this was the only image that I rate from the shoot!

Ian managed a pretty cool one from around a bit from here and yet to see what the other guys got.

Pinnacles Tones





Another pano from the trip up to the Pinnacles with Neal Pritchard from Spool.

Once we had set up here a couple of German Tourists promptly stopped and stated ‘oh this looks like a good spot and you guys look like you know what you’re doing…mind if we take a shot…elbow elbow….could you move over a bit’!

I used to be amazed at such ignorance, but these days I have come to expect it somewhat!

Mr. Bo Jangles was sitting next to me as we worked this up and we rate it…hope you guys like it!

Some more Pinnacles and Sand Dune shots

Here are a few more images from our recent trip up to Cervantes which have worked out OK. I was encouraged to look at a black and white after seeing Christian’s Esperance effort, which I rate as sensational.

Not in the same league as Christian’s but I rate it all the same.

Thanks to everyone who came on True North yesterday. The day was another huge success with everyone leaving eager to work up images with their new found skills and knowledge.

Thanks also to our speakers, Christian, Tony, Mike and Nick and also to our sponsors, Team digital and Rodney Thomas with his Rip Stop bags.

Thanks also to the awesome True North crew who turned it on as they always do.

As mentioned to a few of you on board, we still have a few cabins left on Kimberley trip one if you would like to join me and later in the year I will be doing a Rowleys trip and probably one of the new PNG itineraries.

I will post details about those later trips shortly once the PNG itinerary has been locked in.


True North Mark

Pinnacles Sunset





On our recent trip to the Pinnacles with Neal (Spool) Pritchard, we got to the Pinnacles with ample time to scope the area and did a full circuit of the area. The light was getting lower and lower and we were needing to make the final decision about where to go for that final shot and we both decided to go just around the corner from here.

Then guess what…2 girls had also settled on this spot with their point and shoots and their favorite toy duck! Yep that’s right, they were putting this duck in and on the Pinnacles everywhere and pace as much as I liked, they simply carried on with their mission.

Neal set himself up on a bit of a rise and had a good perspective for the 50mm. I, on the other hand was running out of options, so i decided to walk over the hill and back to these Pinnacles which were some of the larger and more interesting ones we had scoped for the night shoot.

I started off with the 17mm tilt shift but quickly changed to the 50mm prime for the pano that started to present itself in front of me.

The final result is pretty cool I think and the colours in the sky very much compliment the Pinnacles colours.

The whole exercise shows just how much luck plays a big part in where you end up on any shoot and how you have to keep looking around!

Last chance to join True North at Rottnest on Australia Day!

This is the final announcement about the Australia Day workshop on True North. We only have a few slots left and when we are full we are full!

The lovely Peta North emailed me today and told me she will be flying over the top of True North at 1045 and has asked that we all get outside and wave our Australian flags and she will get a shot from her plane. So please remember to bring some flags.

That will be waycool and I am sure everyone will look fwd to see themselves from that perspective.

We will be positioned in Thompsons Bay this year and just near the Army jetty and I can assure you there are some awesome perspectives that I have found near and around that area.

I look fwd to welcoming everyone on board in a couple of days.


True North Mark

Ascot Sunset




I went to a wedding for my business partner on Saturday evening and was invited up to their apartment for pre dinner snacks, just before sunset and low and behold…this pearler of a sunset developed. It just so happened that I had the trusty 1Ds with me and was able to capture it.

Back onto the Pinnacles shots this evening so stay tuned and the news flash of the day is that the Flembot aka, Bomontaruny is on his way back from Cambodia and will be joining us on True North on Wednesday!