11 thoughts on “Boranup Forrest Margaret River

  1. Yes indeed nice image but I think a canvas would appeal better for this image or even a nice fine art paper, love both bush shots of yours mate eh :).

    1. Thanks Brett

      The various benefits of print media is a discipline I am still a bit of a 'babe in the woods' eh!



      1. Yeah me to Mark but am learning about them as just got myself the new Epson Stylus Pro 4900 just before christmas Benny even came over and profiled her up for me was pretty stoked with the service they give there and have switched fully to Team Digital now and when I get back will be looking at some fine art paper for the new girl eh :).

  2. Mark – you must go back to the Boranup forest on a sunny day either an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. The light coming from the side is magical. The main difficulty is that you can set out from Dunsborough on a fine day, and it will inevitably be raining at Boranup. But when you finally get the right conditions it is worth it.

    Ian Wiese

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