Luscernque Island Sunrise







We are now back in PNG…amazing how this blog can take you from a full on commercial scene one day and then off to a tropical paradise the next eh!

This shot was taken just after Christian drop his Phase One in the water and if you look closely you can see him frantically working on the Phase on the beach just on the left.

Fortunately the beast is back in action now, so no real harm done apart from a few year off Christian’s life with the stress it all caused!

How beautiful are these islands? I could spend a whole day shooting here no problem at all!

21 thoughts on “Luscernque Island Sunrise

    1. Jeeze you are on fire there Tone man…you are certainly giving the Postmaster a run for my money mate!

      Nice post you just put up there dude!

      And thanks for the comment!

      1. thanks buddy – just doing things differently this time round. And yes that Luscernque Island is insane, sweet image 🙂

    1. True North Mark will be launched by the end of Feb I reckon mate!

      Flembot is back in 3 weeks and will be working on it full time till its done!

      Watch this space!

  1. haha – thanks for the vote of confidence mate, very few ever saw what i did have and trust me, it will take years ! 100,000km of traveling by road and what would be a thousand km's of hiking, some in extreme/remote conditions etc.
    The main thing is that I'm back doing it with some help from everyone to which has speed the process up 🙂

    1. You'll get there mate and as I said you know where all the good stuff is now and your skills are for sure improved on when you started so the newer versions will be gold!



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