Boranup Forrest Simplicity





I have also posted a few images from the forrest at Boranup, but I think this is perhaps the better of them all so far…and of course it just happens to be the last! Sometimes it takes some time to gravitate to the best image eh!

There is always so much going on in these forrest scenes and the light you can capture in there is sometimes out of this world. We were certainly fortunate with the light on this day for sure!


8 thoughts on “Boranup Forrest Simplicity

  1. Yep, best one i think too Mark! loving all the ferns in the undergrowth. I would just clone out the leaves in the bottom right hand corner to really make it simple colours and lines. I find it pulls me there a tad.

    1. I kinda like those leaves mate!

      They are why I carried the stitch over that far actually…but each to their own as they say! Thanks for the input!

    1. I guess that is why we should take a few different perspectives Peter, so that we can appeal to different tastes!



  2. Sorry about the late reply Mark but your right this one is the best! and i guess this is the beauty of photography! the eye of the beholder!!!
    Great work.

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