Pinnacles trip with Mr. Spool!











Yesterday Neal Pritchard (aka Mr. Spool) and I went up to Cervantes and the Pinnacles area to see what we could find to shoot and we found gold!

I had already scoped this area before Xmas when on a commercial shoot, so I new if given the right conditions, we could get something pretty special.

It was windy which meant that we ended up with sand in just about every orifice at these sand dunes, but it was certainly worth it. A few funny moments as well. Neal called me over to show me these really cool sand sculptures…and waycool the indeed were and whilst we were waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds my hat blew off, right down where the sand sculpture was.

After a bit of debate we decided the best course of action was for me to slide down the hill feet first with Neal hanging onto my feet. After grabbing the hat there was quite a comedy with Neal trying to pull me back out and the sand sliding as you can well imagine. We needed a third person to get the shot!

After this shoot we shot the Pinnacles at sunset and into the night with the full moon and am pretty happy with the RAW files I have looked at so stay tuned!

Important! Change of address for departure of the True North Rottnest Day!







We have had to change the location of where True North will be departing from for the Australia Day excursion.

The new address is: 6 Rous Head Road, North Fremantle (next to Rottnest ferry terminal.  Parking available)

This address is simply further up the Rouse Head road from where we departed last year.

Please ensure you make note of the change. We will have someone at the North Port gate just in case someone does not get the change, but of course it will make it easier if we get the message out to all.

Not long now and still spaces available…see you all next week!

True North Mark!

PNG Hot Springs











One of the cool excursions we do on the True North PNG trips is the walk out to the Hot Springs. This water is boiling and if you put your finger or toe in you would pull it out scolded!

They cook food out here in metal baskets and it is an energy resource that is never ending and free…fed by mother nature and coming up from the hot core for some reason. There is a bit of a smell of sulphur around the specific area of the springs which is the only drawback I could see.

The steam coming off the gusher at the back was the most active in the area, sometimes throwing up boiling water to a height twice my height.

A pretty cool and different place for sure!

PNG Canoe Family










Here is another image from PNG at the Duke of York islands actually.

This is so typical of how these guys get around and they literally travel miles and miles like this fishing and trading and just general visiting.

Where we would reach for our car keys these guys reach for a paddle!

And guess who are the fit ones out of the 2 races eh!

Pretty much everywhere we anchor, we get flotillas of locals selling trinkets and fresh fruit etc, which always makes for a colourful and photographic scene straight off the Marlin Board.

Boranup Forrest Simplicity





I have also posted a few images from the forrest at Boranup, but I think this is perhaps the better of them all so far…and of course it just happens to be the last! Sometimes it takes some time to gravitate to the best image eh!

There is always so much going on in these forrest scenes and the light you can capture in there is sometimes out of this world. We were certainly fortunate with the light on this day for sure!


Boranup Beach Colours








Those of you who follow this blog will probably recall a similar shot I posted recently. The previous post was a stitch, but this is a single shot taken with my 28-300 zoom, taken at about 200mm I think from memory.

The zoom got me much closer to the beautiful aqua colours and at the same time we had a break in the cloud bringing in all that amazing soft light to bring out said colours.

The drama in the sky is also somewhat different to the previous shot and it compliments this shot quite well I reckon.

Hope you like it!

Luscernque Island Sunrise







We are now back in PNG…amazing how this blog can take you from a full on commercial scene one day and then off to a tropical paradise the next eh!

This shot was taken just after Christian drop his Phase One in the water and if you look closely you can see him frantically working on the Phase on the beach just on the left.

Fortunately the beast is back in action now, so no real harm done apart from a few year off Christian’s life with the stress it all caused!

How beautiful are these islands? I could spend a whole day shooting here no problem at all!

Evolution at Work!









































Add a large boat, a large truck, a can do attitude and what do you get!

You get a seriously heavy lift and a move of a 30m cat up to our yard for some modifications is what!

Evolution Commercial has 3 weeks to do some major reno’s to this vessel and we are up to the task!

These shots were taken by none other that the travelling man of mystery, the Flembot as I had to take my grandson to Rotto…thanks heaps Mr. Bo Jangles! They were edited by yours truly and the lift itself was co-ordinated by my partner in Evolution Jurien.

A big well done to all as I know there were a few curve balls along the way!

Stay tuned for the time lapse also taken by the Flembot and the editing will be done by none other than the Mikie Mike guru extra ordinare! Mike is also going to set up a time lapse for the work we will be doing on the boat as well.

Hearson’s Cove Beach before sunrise








This shot was taken prior to the previous pano I posted earlier this week and was pre sunrise.

The pastel colours were really cool as were the stark white long cloud hanging over the red outcrop.

Add the pristine beach with not one footstep and the cool rocks sticking out with the low tide and it made a pretty good composition I think!

Pilbara Anthills








Here is another image from our Pilbara trip earlier in the week. For the whole stretch of the road leading into Onslow there were these fields and fields of Anthills and really cool clouds streaming overhead.

That made for some great shadows and the final result is what you see above.

Bo and I spent most of last night working up a stitch similar to this that ended up in the bin as the varying light coming from the cloud shadows made it impossible to blend without it looking weird.

We had fun trying out all sorts of tricks but so I guess all was not wasted!