Winners of the True North/Team Digital Australia Day Photo Comp

….and the winners are!

1) Number 10 Rottawater By Phil Black ( Epson R-1900 printer)
2) Number 2 Arty Rough Water by Brett Morgan ( F-Stop Bag )
3) Number 7 Rotto B&W By Adrian Wayte ( Fitzgerald 14 x 50” Acrylic mount print )

Well done to all the entrants. There were some very clever submissions considering the challenging conditions.

Thanks very much to all of our sponsors which were, Team Digital, Rod Thomas with his F stop bags and Fitzgeralds for their Acrylic mount print.

Thanks also to the presenters on the Day, Christian and Mike Fletcher, Tony Hewitt and Nick Reigns.

Stay tuned for next year and we will try to sort our selves out earlier next year!


Longreach Reflections











The last shot for this evening and it was one of the last shots from the midday shoot on Saturday.

The sand colours and the clouds surrounding the yacht mast attracted me to this image.

I think the image typifies how lucky we are to have an island like Rottnest just off Perth. There are very few places on this planet that can boast pristine beaches and colours like this!

The Basin Colours, Rottnest Island






This is the little bay between Longreach and the Basin at Rottnest Island. The shot was taken at midday when the colours were shown off at their best with the midday sun.

Shot with my trusty 17mm tilt shift and using the shift function to execute the perfect stitch.




Tranquil Cove at the Rottnest Basin





There was gold around every corner at Rottnest Island this weekend.

As the storm was looming, we had cool clouds on the horizon, beautiful colours in the water and everyone was out enjoying what Rottnest at its best.

The sorry part is that many of the regulars were turned off by the forecast which turned out to be somewhat off the mark!

Shot with a 10 stop ND, 50mm 12 prime L series, 8 shot stitched and focus stacked!



Stingray Cruiser!

Here is one of the larger versions of the local Stingrays that cruise between Jordie Bay and Longreach. This is actually quite a small fella, at only 4-5 ft across his wings, but I have a nemesis out off Longreach who cruises around the outer waters between Jordie and Longreach.

One day he had me bailed up for 15 minutes whilst I was sword fighting him with my loop whilst he was trying to stick me with his barbs…he wanted my crays!

I met him again on the weekend but he wasn’t quite as agressive, but he did bump me twice, so I found a cave and swam in there until he left.

As it turns out that is the very spot where I found the 2 big crays I posted on the weekend.

The Stingray I am talking about would be almost twice the size of this fellow and is quite daunting when he thinks you are in his territory!

But, on a positive side when these guys are cruising they look awesome as this fellow was. Their wings just roll ever so easily and they glide through the water without any deflection of their body…very graceful!

Eagle Ray on a mission!







Here is another image taken with Jamie’s UW camera. This Eagle Ray was feasting on the cray heads we had just thrown over board.

I saw one of these beautiful creatures dead on the bottom of the breakwater at Woodman’s point today. A fisherman had caught him and killed him and then just cast him aside.

I hate people like that. What is it with some people, where they just kill anything they come across!

Shag Rock Long Reach Bay, Rottnest Island








This is one of the underwater images I shot on the weekend thanks to Jamie Paterson lending me his UW camera again for the second weekend.

Thanks Jamie, we had another lot of fun sessions with it for sure!


I was

Time Lapse movie of Evolution Commercial at work!

We recently did some major rework at Evolution Commercial and as the process is quite unique, I thought we would put a time lapse together of the project.

The images were shot by the Flemming Bo Jensen (aka Flembot) and the movie was put together by none other than Mike Fletcher (aka Mikie Mike)!

Please follow the link here:

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