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Well, here are the 10 finalists that were selected by way of a star rating between Christian, Ben and Myself.

We would like everyone to now vote on these images and on Sunday week we will count the votes and allocate first second and 3rd from the vote tally.

Well done to all the finalists and I must say that I was impressed with the std considering that the day was not the easiest shooting day I have ever seen!

Good luck everyone……..let the games begin!

95 thoughts on “True North Team Digital Australia Day Photo Comp Finalists

  1. Great shots from the workshop! My vote goes to "Rotto Workshop No 2-many of us shot this clump of grasses drowning in sand,but this image nails shape/colour/impact for me…….Peter.

  2. A tough call to pick just 1 … I really like number 3. it has mood and depth and the sun burst is just perfect. It is a little hard to tell from the size of the samples but I think it may have a little too much detail either in HDR or sharpening I am not sure in the trees/bushes along the train tracks …

    I also really like number 10. it shows a lot of the imagination and samples the colors of Rottnest. Being a semi abstract capture I think this image will appeal to general public a lot more and will print up very nice on either cotton rag or canvas … The sample is a little larger so those textures through the blue water really shine through …. and in the end I would give 10 my vote …

    Sorry that a little long winded but I wanted to give my reasons behind my choice ….

    have a great day …. Neal

      1. Little fact for yall the sun birst is not fake in this instance the sun was in the correct position at the time and someone else has actually seen the raw on the back of the camera when it was taken what you see is what you get I guess but no fake in this image šŸ™‚

    1. I like the new handle 'the expert mate'….you know the definition of an expert eh….ex = past tense and a spert is a 'drip under pressure'!!! šŸ™‚

  3. I like number 5. The textures and the colors are quite harmonious and the overlay of the wooden sleepers really tie into the image.

  4. I vote for Number 10… what amazing insight and breathtaking photography … you have a talent number 10 and it shows in your work … truly gifted šŸ™‚

  5. I don't think I'm allowed to vote, but it's a toss up between the B&W Compilation and No. 10. Both have looked with keen eye for other options when the conditions were obviously not ideal. Both very well done!

  6. I tend to agree with Jamie on this one thats for sure Mark I think it is the fairest way but who am I to say anything winning is such a small part of the comp to be honest getting ones images out there and simply showing others your love for photography through your own eyes is my biggest passion thats for sure good luck to all in the comp may the truely best image win :).

      1. I will talk to the other guys about this Gents, but it is going to make a logistical nightmare out of tallying up the votes…it means cross checking who was on the boat and trying to work out who's who etc!



      2. Well done Brett on getting 2 images in! So which gets the vote?

        Perhaps Mark you could've created a fb group only open to those on the boat. Or something like that. And make voting only available to members. Just an idea šŸ™‚

  7. Ok not sure why you shouldn't be able to vote on your own image beats the point in a way but maybe Jamie has a point ah who knows eh lol.
    Might start a revolution now bahahaha šŸ™‚

    1. It's gonna make a relatively simple task a nightmare Brett, but will talk to the boys and see how they want to play it.



      1. For me honestly it doesn't bother me either way I am it for the love of photography not the prizes if I win anything that would put the icing on the cake for me I have two images in the top 10 so for me I am stoked behond anything so I have already won anyway and cheers Jasmin šŸ™‚

  8. With such a line up of prizes the comp needs to be run properly thats for sure. How thats done I'm not sure. Can't change things now though , so as long as everyone does the right thing and only votes once then it should be ok, but that can't be guaranteed to happen unfortunately.

    As for my vote …. well I'm still thinking very hard about it, still have a week up my sleeve. šŸ™‚

  9. Rough Water, second image for my vote. Captures Natural Jetty in an artful light.
    Pastels punctuated by spit posts.
    The artist deserves a prize..
    Clive Addison.

  10. Look in this world people will do anything to win. It is just human nature. I don't agree with cheating to get a result because in the end it will be a hollow victory. If we see any irregularities in the votes I will ask the people who submitted the photo to explain why the votes were stacked so highly in their favour.
    Ultimately we put the outcome of this competition in the hands of those who matter the most , all you out their in blog land. We trust you to do the right thing. As a lot of people spent a lot of time making this a successful day don't screw it now by being greedy and selfish.
    I know you will all do the right thing.

    On the other hand this is being judged by popular vote. If you have more friends and are more popular……….. Who is to say who is right and who is wrong.

    1. Funny that Peter as I never knew there was an issue last year till it was raised recently!:)



  11. Cheats get found out in the end, look at what goes on in sport. We can call them performance enhancing friends in this case. In a democracy everyone has a vote, that is their right. A dictatorship occurs when someone has more friends prepared to stand behind them and rule by force. We might end up with a popular uprising by the end of this competition, a mass protest held at Team Digital, placard waving Photographers calling for the overthrow of the photo comp rules. That would be awesome, an end to stupid competition rules the world over.

    Who would have thought we would be changing the world with this competition!

  12. The four speakers from the TN rotto day should judge/ decide the 3 top images from the ten selected
    Easy, fair and not a drawn out process

  13. Number 2 for me! some great shots. but number two is simple, creative, abstract and has a great painterly feel about it!
    Great stuff. Congrats to the top ten!

  14. All this banta regarding the voting ethics and methods takes me back to the mad max movies of old, when there was no law and the survivors were left to their own devices to fend for themselves and do what ever it takes to win!

    I guess we come from a primeval heritage and it often comes out when in a competative environment!

  15. I can see you as Tina Turner Mark. šŸ™‚

    I think Adrian's idea is the go for the future , if there is a future after all this anarchy. šŸ™‚

    1. Very funny Mervy!

      We don't need another hero, we don't need to know the way home….all we need is life beyo…ond the Thunderdome! šŸ™‚

      Let the games begin!

  16. It was a tough call based on thumbnails but after viewing each at full size, number 10 definitely gets my vote.

    I have no idea who took the photos

  17. I agree with Brett….anyone with an image in the top ten must certainly feel like a winner already. I sure do! Hey, i think we are all winners for having such an awesome day out in such grand company, and for being able to see life with such passion! Who needs a physical prize when we carry away the "goods" each time we realize how inspiring life can be.

  18. Hi
    Congratulations to the photographers on their hard work. Some amazing photos.

    However, I must be coming from another direction or simply old fashioned as my thoughts on the selected photos are anthesis to all the comments so far.
    To me the "excessive" photoshopping seems to be detrimental to some of the images.

    Maybe we need two comps – one for minimally photoshopped photos and one for the more creative!

    To follow other's comments on judging: I really don't like competitions with popular votes as it feels like buying points. I would be happy to go with the selected winner choice by the judges.

    And lastly (!) – Any chance we can get a short email with the star count for our photos for some feedback? I would appreciate that (despite my very likely minimlist score). Cheers

  19. It's number 2 for me. I have some watercolours of Rotto and this reminds me of them. I like the post-processing on this – I think it conveys how the photographer felt the scene looked in their mind, and it makes me wish I had been there.

  20. wow. I think you should have called this s digital art contest. I guess I have a lot to learn. I missed the voting because even though I added my name to the mailing list on the day of the workshop, I never received an email letting me know it was on.

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