Longreach Reflections











The last shot for this evening and it was one of the last shots from the midday shoot on Saturday.

The sand colours and the clouds surrounding the yacht mast attracted me to this image.

I think the image typifies how lucky we are to have an island like Rottnest just off Perth. There are very few places on this planet that can boast pristine beaches and colours like this!

8 thoughts on “Longreach Reflections

  1. Revote … this is the best image of yours from the weekend rotto trip … As you have said just a slight straighten up and she's a keeper …. Love Flems lighthouse b&w moonrise

  2. I think your white balance is a little too warm. I would like to see the sand less yellow and more white. Try to reprocess the raw image and cool it down a little. I think it would look better. Will blue up the water too. other than that the composition is classic perfect beach fair!

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