He’s Back!!!

I have some wonderful news!

Our good friend and mentor has been lonely since deciding that blogging was taking up too much time etc, so he is now back and refreshed after his short break and ready to WOW us all with his genius!

Of course I am talking about the one and only Christian Fletcher and I am sure he would enjoy a big welcome back from everyone!

‘Beauty and the Beast’!

This is another shot from this evenings shoot with Brent Pearson, the master of light!

What I like about this shot is how Julie’s beauty shines through in amongst the harsh surroundings, which I believe actually enhances her soft lines and grace.

There was not a lot of time to work this evening with only a few minutes of fading light, heaps of wind and waves splashing all over us and one set of lights between the 2 of us, so the challenge was on really!

But I came away with 2 half reasonable images that I am happy with and a few ideas for future shoots….thanks for the night Brent!

A second look at the above post suggested a closer crop would work, so I have now also posted that for comment and comparison.

More shots from True North

A few more shots from our last day up in the Kimberley and for sure, the most epic trip I have had in the Kimberley.

I have done a dozen or so trips up here now and there is no doubt in my mind that Trip 1 is the time to view this prehistoric land in all its glory. Everything is so green and lush, the waterfalls are simply everywhere and the light for photography is as good as it gets.

Every night you are treated to a sky show of epic proportions and then off to another even more awesome destination the next day with an even better sunrise!

I captured the eagle down at the Drysdale River yesterday.

There is also a shot of Dave Bettini in action shooting a fresh water crock at the base of the Eagle Falls picnic site and then of course there is Flembot in drag at the fancy dress! I am sure that there are a few bloggers who wil get a giggle out of that shot! šŸ™‚

King George Falls

I have been to King George falls a number of times, but today I could find no other words to describe our experience there, but Epic!

We were high up on the look out after a mega walk up there and still we were getting spray on our lenses!

Mother nature was playing ball as well. When we wanted soft light, she gave it to us. When we wanted a rainbow, that happened as well. When we wanted a nice sky to go with the scene…vola….!

Dave Bo and I had a fantastic day shooting probably one of the most epic scenes you could hope to capture.

The bottom image is a 21 shot stitch that is about 1.5 gig in size!

Glycomis Falls Rainbow and Mitchell River Thunder Head

Today we were at the Drysdale River in the morning and then at Glycomis water falls this afternoon. The 1DS mk 3 showed thru once again with its ability to shoot in heavy spray and I managed to capture the falls and the rainbow… and yes it was there no I did not drop it in!

The other image is of a total glass off caused by a thunderhead developing near the True North

Eagle Falls picnic site.

Today was another heli picnic day at Eagle Falls. I rate this place as one of the absolute highlights of the Kimberley.

The walk around to this vantage point was quite a journey and during the 45 minutes or so it took to climb there I think we had all the seasons from stinking hot to pouring with rain.

Unfortunately I dropped my new Big Stopper ND today which was a real blow…fortunately I have a back up, but I was just starting to like how that ND was working!

Bigge Island storm front

Not long after arriving at Bigge Island, I went on a heli fly around the area. From the air this jumped out at me as having some potential for a shoot, so I rounded Dave Bettini up and off we went in one of the tenders and spent over 2 hours at this location.

It was very peaceful and the shooting positions were both elevated and comfortable to shoot from.

There was a thunderstorm brewing over the Mitchell Plateau we could see off in the distance and sure enough it made its way west to find us.

This capture shows the line of the storm front and yes, we did get wet!

Mitchell Falls

We woke up yesterday in the mighty Mitchell River. After an early morning cruise around the True North for a sunrise shot we flew to the Mitchell Falls on the True North heli, and landed at the top of the falls.

Note this is the only way to see the falls this time of year as the road in does not open till May at the earliest.

There was so much water coming over the falls yesterday, that the normal cascades were none existent. I am expecting that the King George falls in a few days will be quite something.

Off to the heli picnic at Eagle Falls today, which is one of my favourite destinations up here.

Stay tuned!