King George Falls

I have been to King George falls a number of times, but today I could find no other words to describe our experience there, but Epic!

We were high up on the look out after a mega walk up there and still we were getting spray on our lenses!

Mother nature was playing ball as well. When we wanted soft light, she gave it to us. When we wanted a rainbow, that happened as well. When we wanted a nice sky to go with the scene…vola….!

Dave Bo and I had a fantastic day shooting probably one of the most epic scenes you could hope to capture.

The bottom image is a 21 shot stitch that is about 1.5 gig in size!

11 thoughts on “King George Falls

  1. Just checking in to say: goddammit man! You make some of us plebs weep with envy. Had a momentary lapse of resolve to only check your blog on Fridays/weekends and am sorely regretting it. Just highlights the contrast of Kimberley vs carpeted cubicle, concrete walls, aged fluro lighting and no sun. You see how it could be a dampening comparison 😉

    Enjoying your images very much though!

    1. Hey Charlene, very pleased to hear from you and your kind words.

      It would appear that everyone else has also adopted a once a week approach to viewing my blog as well, as I seem to be at an all time low on hits at the moment!

      Must try harder! 🙂

  2. Yep – damn impressive there in full wet season mode ! What an experience I bet.

    It's interesting to see the amount of white water running down the left channel (top image) as opposed to the right hand side, which appears to have more volume coming over (?) I guess this may suggest the right channel is deeper than the left… ?

    1. Hey Toneman…nice to hear from an old favourite!

      Yes I do believe the left hand side is deeper and normally the larger of the 2 falls, but with this amount of water, the right side becomes to dominant fall.

      It has been an epic trip indeed and Flemming and I think we might secure a new domain name called 'Epic Incorporated'! 🙂

      We had soooo much fun on top of those falls yesterday, but it was a big day and 5 hours up top after a huge walk up there.

      You have only seen a fraction of what I have captured!

  3. Funny you should say that Tone…we are just about to register EpicIncorporated! 🙂

    And yep pinger off heaps for sure….plenty to bore you with for a while I reckon!:)

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