Earth and Sky!!!

On the last Kimberley trip I was focused on coming home with a few different textures and colours for some abstract compilations. Coming out of the Regent we witnessed an amazing array of colours in the sky which prompted me to shoot a few images straight up.

Whilst putting them together it occurred to me that some ground textures would mix in well and this is the result. I think it works well…I hope you do as well!

Anzac day sunrise at Porpoise Bay Rottnest

ANZAC day was the only calm day at Rottnest that warranted a sunrise shoot…well for some anyway as Flembot chose to catch up on some beauty sleep! A morning person he is not!

This was the first shot of the morning just before sunrise and I then skiddadled further around the bay to where I captured the actual sunrise shot posted previously.

Any guesses as to where I shot the previous post from!

Porpoise Bay wreck

In amongst all the Northerlies at Rottnest on the weekend, we did end up with some nice moments, such as this evening when Flemming and I went out for a sunset shoot near where the Porpoise bay wreck site is.

The shot seemed to work better in Black and White. Hope you all had a great Easter and ANZAC Day, so I guess its back to reality again now eh! šŸ™‚

More Kimberley Shots

Here’s a few more images from my recent Kimberley trip.

The Hammer Cloud shot was from the Drysdale River. There are always amazing clouds to compliment just about any composition.

The aerial is of True North at King George falls showing just how much foam in generated by the falls.

The Eagle shot I have called ‘focused Eagle’. He seemed to be very determined about something!

Rooms with Million Dollar Views!

True North is renowned for the exotic areas we go to and it is also renowned for the comfort and style with which you travel, but I guess what is not as obvious as what sets us apart from both high end hotels and other cruise operators is the fact that our shallow draft of only 2.2m allows the True North to cruise right up the major rivers in the Kimberley and get close and personal with them.

As one passenger said whilst being interviewed by Post Cards one day: ‘You get to wake up in a new position every day’ šŸ™‚

It was only after her interview replayed did she realise what she had said, but for sure that is what the True North and North Star Cruises offer is a unique way to travel in style and see remote and exotic wonders, right outside your bedroom window!

Mega Kimberley Storm

Flemming and Dave have both been posting really cool storm images from our recent Kimberley trip on True North and for sure there was no shortage of the most amazing storms and clouds on our 2 week adventure in the North, but I think that possibly this storm is fast becoming my favourite, mainly because of how glassy it was all around the storm and how the drama is increased exponentially with the reflections the storms give of in such conditions.

By the way, Broome’s internet has been down all day and as my exchange routes through there I have not been getting any emails all day. If you want to get a message to me either text or use this blog, it is the only way I will get a message until it is sorted! Gotta love Telstra and their total Hackness!!

Kimberley Sand Stone Compilation

Now for something totally different!

Whilst the lads were up at the art site in Swift Bay, I was hanging back looking for something a little different and I spotted these really cool sandstone textures eroded away after years of water movement and tides.

As individual images they perhaps don’t make the grade, but I quite like them as a compilation and I think they would look good on the right wall.

What do you think?