Drysdale River Sunrise

I am not quite sure about this one. It is a simple composition and the colours are cool and soothing…but not sure all the same!

On this morning I woke the lads as I thought the sunrise was shaping up, but this was the first shot I took and thereafter the clouds faded, the wind picked up and pancakes were calling…the Flembot could not resist the call!

Flembot reckons that True North pancakes should be put up as an Australian icon!

4 thoughts on “Drysdale River Sunrise

  1. I do not think we had pancakes on this day. Trust me I remember the day I ate 6 pancakes, just after our Hunter River sunrise shoot. It would have killed a mortal man without my superpowers. Could move only in slow motion for a few hours. Best pancakes ever.

    On the Questionnaire I put down under suggestions: "Pancakes every day!" 😀

    As for the image….yeh na. Not quite doing it for me. It's almost like two images, and I don't like those low level grey clouds. It's not quite simplistic nor abstract enough to be abstract and simplistic. If that makes sense.

  2. I am hearin ya son and I know you so well I reckon I could have pre empted the words…you will like the next post as the subject matter is of epic proportions! 🙂

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