Kimberley Sand Stone Compilation

Now for something totally different!

Whilst the lads were up at the art site in Swift Bay, I was hanging back looking for something a little different and I spotted these really cool sandstone textures eroded away after years of water movement and tides.

As individual images they perhaps don’t make the grade, but I quite like them as a compilation and I think they would look good on the right wall.

What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Kimberley Sand Stone Compilation

  1. yep you are quick, some say premature but as you say “what do ya mean premature, I’ve been thinking about it for years!”

  2. haha, yeah except I don’t like the water!! Off to beddy bi’s, see you soon Markie.

  3. I like the textures Mark, I think they look cool.
    I had a play with textures when I did the bunker Bay Workshop with Christian and Nick cause the weather was crap on one of the shoots and it was great fun, it makes you look at things in a completely different way.

    1. Thanks Armand,

      Pleased that you like the composition.

      I was at the same place after working up the first image but felt it needed more… hence the compilation.

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