Mega Kimberley Storm

Flemming and Dave have both been posting really cool storm images from our recent Kimberley trip on True North and for sure there was no shortage of the most amazing storms and clouds on our 2 week adventure in the North, but I think that possibly this storm is fast becoming my favourite, mainly because of how glassy it was all around the storm and how the drama is increased exponentially with the reflections the storms give of in such conditions.

By the way, Broome’s internet has been down all day and as my exchange routes through there I have not been getting any emails all day. If you want to get a message to me either text or use this blog, it is the only way I will get a message until it is sorted! Gotta love Telstra and their total Hackness!!

24 thoughts on “Mega Kimberley Storm

  1. Yep this is definately a cool storm shot Mark, I love how you can see the rain all coming down. I think you need to check your horizon level and I’m pretty sure it’s not an optical illusion, I measured it with a ruler LOL 🙂

    1. I just had to do it, you know I was pi??ing myself laughing while I measured it and wrote the post, I thought I was a total knob before when I wrote on one of Mark’s post’s that it was wonky and he said it was an optical illusion, so now I measure it to make sure. I just can’t help it.

  2. I think Flemming is trying to say he would like to see a couple of tuckeries in a dinghy in the foreground, with you parachuting in, triggering the camera remotely, and having smoke flares attached to your feet to provide some leading lines!


  3. Yeah its cool eh!

    We just finished printing the 8 x 1.5m panos for the WA club mate and they look waycool!

    The Bigge Island stitch I did came up a treat as did the fire in the sky one!

  4. Yep mate, my images are being featured in the WA club for a Kimberley theme for the month of May.

    I will email you the magazine they are sending out to their members…pretty cool I say! 🙂

  5. Yeah, I haven’t been visiting many blogs over the last month or two. Have been flat out with work and kids. I just got an ipad2, and loving the ability to spend some time catching up on blogs, etc. I have just about caught up on most of the blogs, but soon I will probably fall behind again as I will be disappearing to Dubia, Venice, London & Prague for 5 weeks.

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