Rooms with Million Dollar Views!

True North is renowned for the exotic areas we go to and it is also renowned for the comfort and style with which you travel, but I guess what is not as obvious as what sets us apart from both high end hotels and other cruise operators is the fact that our shallow draft of only 2.2m allows the True North to cruise right up the major rivers in the Kimberley and get close and personal with them.

As one passenger said whilst being interviewed by Post Cards one day: ‘You get to wake up in a new position every day’ 🙂

It was only after her interview replayed did she realise what she had said, but for sure that is what the True North and North Star Cruises offer is a unique way to travel in style and see remote and exotic wonders, right outside your bedroom window!

22 thoughts on “Rooms with Million Dollar Views!

  1. Markie, I couldn’t agree more. We can’t believe the places that you can see from the boat day after day. This is one time when the over-used “awesome” is just the right description.

    It never ceases to amaze me (as someone who holidays in Europe at least twice every year) what a truly world class experience a True North holiday is. Yes, the photos are great but there’s no way of describing how almost spiritual it is to get up so close and personal to those incredible landforms.

    We’re hooked . It is no exaggeration to say that it has changed our lives.

    1. Hey Greggy…nicely said mate and coming from one of our all time favourite guests I take that as a real compliment!

      Since your first trip, I think you have done 4…maybe 5 trips with us now and we always have a lot of fun together.

      I look fwd to our next adventure!

      Say hey to Maria for me.

  2. I agree with my man Greggy, I am hooked as well. True North is in a class of it’s own, so much fun on such an amazing ship with such an amazing crew.

    Some nice promo shots here Markie, looks good. I can see our laptops, the office of Epicness Inc!

  3. And I agree with both Flemming and Greggy.
    In the Berkely eh? I don’t think I shot this waterfall. But I did get a specky one downstream whilst on Kay’s sightseeing trip.

  4. Mark,
    Whenever I describe my trip on True North, I say that it was like Chrisrmas every morning. Each day you would look out your window to a new and more beautiful gift! I cannot wait to go back and cruise again on an amazing boat with an outstanding crew to some of the most beautiful places in the world!!

    1. Right now working for Rockwell Automation as a marketing manager. I am working on a business proposal for PADI. I have some ideas to help grow the industry and do some of the things I’ve wanted to do in the industry for years! I’ve been enjoying your pictures! What a great hobby/job…taking gorgeous pictures of amazing places. Are you still building yachts, too? How’s the family?

      1. Hi Karen,

        Sounds like you have a mission ahead of you!

        Am now back into commercial vessels which is where my heart really is.

        Family is great and Niki and Dave will be joining us again on TN in PNG this year.

        Very much enjoying my photography these days and with the passion comes results!

  5. Hi Markie

    Thanks, mate! We have so much fun on those trips, eh? Really looking forwards to our next adventure, too. Maria (who says “Hi Mark!) and I are off on the Sydney Rocks trip later this year, then the West Coast Explorer one, early next year. Can’t wait … 🙂

    For Sydney, we’ll be travelling with fabulous True North friends (and meeting some more over there) and for Explorer, we’ll be catching up with 2 other lovely couples who we met on last year’s PNG trip. The point being, that as well as the amazing places, I love the great friendships formed.

    Which is my cue to say “hi” to those 2 other wonderful philosophers, young Flemming and Davey boy!! How you 3 guys ever got any photos sorted while we had so much fun clowning around, beats me 🙂

    Until next time, mate…

    1. Hey Greggy,

      Crikey mate, your on fire!

      I will have to see what I am doing for thhe West Coast next year and join you both…that sounds like fun eh.

      You are spot on about the people you meet on board.

      I have met some crackers as well and I know many like yourselves who meet life long friends on True North.

      Give Maria a cuddle for me!

    2. Hello there fellow Philosopher and Volcano Explorer Sir Greg of the Munyards! We did have so much fun clowning around, I really miss it and we must find a trip in the future to get the Epic team back together 😀

      1. Brilliant idea, mate. There’s West Coast Explorer next year but there could be a hell of a lot of fishing happening on that trip.

        They may try and restrict your fishing though because you catch too many! I’ve got some great shots of you – with a beautiful salmon and a great Giant Trevally. BTW, nice touch of you to throw that barramundi back into stock …

        1. When you get a chance Greggie, email me those epic shots you have of me as a Fisherman, Photographer, Woman, etc 😀 😀 Would love to have those as memories of the most epic of trips.

          For photography, I would want to do West Papua Discoverer or PNG Extended.

          That Barra got a bit of a thrill ride as I speared him back in from on top of a 3 meter rock 🙂

  6. Thanks for the vicarious cuddle Greggy…I am sure Maria enjoyed it immensely!

    Let me know if you decide on the West Coast Greggy and I’ll get the girls to reserve me a room!



  7. Markie,

    We’re booked! Will be catching up with 2 couples from the PNG trip, who we really liked.

    Would be brilliant if you could come, too – show me the spots!

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