Midland Workshop Shoot for FORM, with Christian and Mike Fletcher

A couple of weeks ago Christian and Mike Fletcher, Ben Walton and myself went up to the Midland railway workshops courtesy of FORM and Midland Atelier to shoot the vast array of old buildings and machinery.

We were very lucky with the cloud cover that evening and the general light conditions, which very much suited the overall look we were hoping for.

The shoot went from 1400 hrs till Midnight for me, when my battery finally gave up the ghost! Christian and Mike stayed on over night and woke up to an eery fog which lead into some early morning rain. I have seen one image from Christian with the fog and it looks very cool!

There will be more to come from this shoot and I would like to sincerely thank Jayne from FORM for her hospitality as well as Midland Atelier…very much appreciated.

The Old Swan Brewery Perth

It is not often in Perth where at Sunset you get almost a total glass off, but on Friday just gone we had just that. I had arranged to me Adrian and Andrea there for a shoot and rode around the river in time to get this shot.

The breakwater has only recently been cleaned up around this area which made for a totally new perspective of the old Brewery site.

An 8 shot pano with my 50mm.

Woodman’s Point last light rays

I was on the way home one night last week and saw this scene evolving not far from the Shipyards where I spend my days these days.

Luckily I do carry my camera around where ever I go, so when I see opportunities like this I can capture them.

We have had the most amazing run of calm days and Easterly winds ever here in the West! A bit of a break this week with some rain finally, but it looks like going back to the Easterly pattern again later in the week…just in time for some surf woohoo!

Prince regent side creek pano

On the day of the first heli picnic the numbers didn’t work out and there wasn’t a spot for me, so our ships naturalist and I went on a bit of an explore up the mighty Prince Regent river and we found some wonderful unexplored areas.

This creek was off to the North of the Prince Regent River and was as far up as you could get by dinghy as there was a rock bar that would only be covered in bigger tides and even then you would be cautious about going further as your working window would be quite small where a miscalculation would see you stuck there until the next big tide!

The little tree in the foreground had these amazing yellow flowers which very much stood out from the rest of the colours in the scene, so I made that the feature of this pano.

The other attraction to me in this shot were the foreground formations in the rocks.

Bicton Baths Night Reflections

My daughter and her boyfriend Dave have purchased a Fuji X100 and this evening they came around for dinner and some tutoring. Dave is a quick learner and he grasped most of what I taught him this evening including an entry level intro to Photo Shop.

My 1Ds image is on top and it shows a cruise boat coming through the shot for a bit of effect.

The little Fuji performed admirably…a little hard to focus in low light would be my main criticism, but then aren’t all cameras I spose!

I ran Noise Ninja over the top image and left the Fuji as it was out of the camera to show how it handled noise. Interestingly one shot that was a bit under exposed has some major pixelation, so my tip would be to err on the side of over exposing if anything in high ISO’s with the Fuji and low light.