Kimberley Green Abstract

Following on from previous post, I have had this image buzzing around in my head for a couple of days now and it is good to get it down and completed.

I have quite a few more ideas for this sort of treatment to images and I think it is a good way to showcase various aspects of regions that I visit.

Hope you like the concept!

8 thoughts on “Kimberley Green Abstract

  1. The previous one was awesome Mark, this does not work for me, a few things to consider

    – the background is now so textured and busy it’s competing with the busy images for attention. In the first one you had a simple black background allowing the images to shine. Simplicity is the key.

    – the croc is not an abstract, does not go with the two others

    – colours of the greens and yellows in the images do not go that well nor do they stand out that much against the background rock colour, so again, it’s not as striking.

  2. Look on the good side Mark – if you had done this one first you would probably have given up and wouldn’t have come up with “Earth and Sky”!


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