15 thoughts on “Earth and Sky 2

  1. Mark is such a comedian. I bet everyone didn’t know that about him.

    I always comment on Marks photography very honestly and I love the fact that he is so creative especially with his abstract pictures.

    This picture he has just posted, to me I wasn’t sure about but he lied and said I loved it.
    It will be interesting to get everyone’s opinion

  2. I really like it Mark, but I agree with Merv about the black, maybe it would be better in a dark chocolate colour, keeping with the earthy tones a bit.
    Everyone is different Mark, not everyone likes abstract shots or for that matter not everyone has the same taste about anything with photography, art, etc. You can’t please everybody. Sometimes I think as long as you like it that’s all that matters.

  3. Mark

    I agree this concept has a lot of potential.

    I also agree that the black borders are too dominant. Also that the “texture sidebar” on the left has become too prominent because of its size, but could be broken up into three segments as you did in “Earth and Sky”.

    In this one the middle image (no 2) has diagonals going bottom left to top right, the bottom image (no 3) has diagonals going top left to bottom right, and the top image (no 1) is pretty neutral. So I wonder if something like “Earth and sky” in a horizontal format with No 2, No 1, No 3 going horizontally from left to right might work better. The diagonals would then “connect” if that makes sense. The vertical pattern seems to lose the connection between the images somewhat.

    Its interesting to watch you develop this concept with assistance of course from the missis.


    1. Thanks for all the input everyone, it is both encouraging and informative and I will see which of the ideas works for the next round of experimentation on the concept.

      I think we all agree that there is merit in the concept which is what I was after in the first instance. It will prompt me to look for more abstracts to progress the concept….ta!

  4. Experimentation and challenging yourself is where the fun is, this is cool creative work Mark. You hit the nail on the first Earth and Sky though, by far the best 🙂 But keep thinking outside the panoramic box, good to push the envelope 🙂

  5. Nice concepts Mark, reckon this one would look better as a landscape with the long bar at the bottom, just for balance purposes, also easier to sell?

  6. I like this one to Mark, The colours and textures are great once again My thoughts for what they are worth to improve it would be to put a strip of stone on both sides to balance it up and I think a frame around the whole image in a colour tone from the clouds might work. The black borders may look ok a bit smaller and more uniform. Just my two bobs worth but I love the concept.

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