True North month at the WA club

This month at the WA club in Perth, the True North and the Kimberley are being featured, together with the 8 shots of mine shown above as well as some wonderful Aboriginal art from Japingka galleries in Fremantle.

As most of you are aware, this is the second exhibition for me in the last couple of months, but I must say that this one is a step up from the last as all the images are 1.5m wide and all stretched canvas.

The WA club is the perfect venue to display these shots as the lighting is superb and a number of the images have come to life under these lights.

There was a good turn out this evening, with a lot of interest in both the cruises on True North as well as my photography.

Thanks to Judith from the WA club and Justine for putting it all together!

13 thoughts on “True North month at the WA club

  1. Hey mate nice selection of images. If you dont fill the vessel for the next season in the Kimberly from these images there is something wrong with the guests !!

  2. Back Sunday and back to work on Monday. I have the Vice President of IT across from Houston all week so he can head across the road with me to have a look as well.

  3. Great selection, Markie! Because of all the great shots you’ve posted for so long it’s easy to become a bit complacent about the landscape up there. It really is breathtaking, memorable – pick your adjective.

    I’m looking forwards to seeing the prints but there’s nothing like the real thing. Man, when I see that King George shot, for example, and think about the water pouring over that 80 metre cliff – and the sound, and the spray, and the wind, I can’t help but smile. We all know that stress ages us so when I go on the Kimberley Wilderness Cruise, I feel great knowing that I’m not just having an awesome experience but I’m buying years of life. I mean it; I’m glad I discovered this before I got too old to appreciate it, so thanks for continuing to inspire me with your posts!

    It’s an awesome part of the world! And it’s pretty cool that the True North can get into places like the King George etc. that other boats can’t.

    1. Hey Greggy…great set of comments there mate and you are indeed a convert having done how many trips now..5!? Well done son, you are living the dream mate! 🙂

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