Boy Fishing

In amongst all of the mayhem and industry in Kwinana Flemming and I found this young fella and his Dad and his Dad’s mate out fishing for the day. I was wondering how they also managed to get a leave pass from Mothers day, but for sure what ever they had to do to get out was worth it as this little guy caught a nice size flounder for dinner!

I thought that the contrast between the industry and the peace and quiet of this family fishing very much told a story.

10 thoughts on “Boy Fishing

  1. Nice contrast indeed. I wonder how it would have been if you had been a little closer to him an also shot from a lower angle. Would have probably meant getting very wet though šŸ™‚

  2. I think you are possibly correct Armand…I think that could have been better. I often make the mistake with the wide angle of not getting close enough.

    well pointed out!

  3. G’day Mate
    Good to see you have returned to the ‘Light side’!
    I agree with Armand. Nice contrast.
    You also managed to get a leave pass on Mothers Day as well dude!
    Couple of dust spots top rhs.


  4. Hey Mark,
    Well spotted mate and I think it shows that contrast very well indeed. That sky and water is fabulous.
    Did you have any with the dad in them as well ? If so I think that father/son bonding with fishing moment could also work and compliment this image as a pair or series.

  5. Give a Jedi a chance man, I spend 26 hours on a plane and you’ve posted 10 posts since then hehe šŸ™‚

    This was a very cool moment! I agree that wideangle here required that you get really close to the boy as he is a bit tiny in the frame. Still a great image. Of course, had you been standing closer you would have been in my truly gold shot and I would have had to yell out the classic ‘dude you’re in my shot!!!” šŸ™‚

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