Perth City Square Pano

I had a request from my website the other day for a square shot of Perth city, so I set out tonight to see if I could achieve that mission.

The image is an 8 image stitch shot with my 28-300, 4 shots across the top and 4 across the bottom.

I would appreciate some feedback!

18 thoughts on “Perth City Square Pano

  1. Hi Mark,

    overall composition looks good, although i dont think its a square..
    not a fan of the texture, its too distracting for me. Id also maybe loose some of the brown in the sky/water and make it more black?
    Could mess around with some sort of blur in the water too i rekon, make it look a but smoother?

  2. Hey Mark,
    I agree with the guys too, I don’t really like the brown sky I would prefer deep blue nearly black colouring myself.
    Not sure why someone would like a city shot that is square. Isn’t it a bit difficult to fit in the city without the shot being wide. Each to there own.

      1. Oh interesting Mark, I thought you must have changed the colour in photoshop. I’ve never seen a city shot with those kind of colourings. Well there you go hey ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Very impressive. I don`t know Perth at all but on your photography it looks very expressive, strong, modern, a bit โ€ superficial โ€œ โ€“ not in a negative way, it looks more like it`s a fast growing city. The reflection on the sea prolongs the city feeling into the nature and that`s great as I believe Perth is special as it is a modern city but very much related to the strong element sea.

      That`s just a interpretation of a person who never has been at Perth and interprets what she sees. Art exist / starts to get alive at the contemplationโ€ฆ.

      1. Why thank you Anke…all the way from Germany! Your comment is much appreciated especially knowing that you are a very accomplished fine art photographer in your own right… Thanks for the visit!:)

  3. It’ a great shot, but I agree the sky and water should be darker/black rather than the brown colour, or maybe if you brought out the red a bit more to make the sky more deep orange than brown? I do love the reflections on the water, though.

      1. Think its the old photography colour mind trick!. even if there was a glow when you are standing there, your mind will think its black at the time..this then makes you want to see it as black in a photo..same goes for white balance….when you are actually there, something that you percieve as white may not actually be white (i.e. it may have some sort of colour cast even in real life), but if you then have this cast in a photo your mind wont see it as white (as it does it real life)- so it would therefore look odd to the viewer….
        dno if that all makes sense but its a well talked about thing in photography that im sure you have read plenty about ๐Ÿ™‚
        the mind is a tricky beast!

  4. Hey dude ๐Ÿ™‚ A very worthy effort, a few of my inputs to consider. I don’t think this image needs texture, and if you want texture I would think industrial like concrete would be better. I agree on the pitch black sky, just looks better even though there are always a huge light bounce of the clouds. You might even drop in a star sky ๐Ÿ™‚ I would crop that pink building on the right, really ugly reflection!

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