Swans at Swan River

When I am not surfing on weekends I often go for a ride around the river with a few mates and yesterday I decided to throw my camera in the backpack fro something different.

I ended up at the Como Sea Scouts at sunrise and just up from there were these black swans. When I sat down the most bizzar occurrence happened. All the Swans came up to me within a metre and then promptly proceeded to tuck their heads in between their wings and go to sleep! I don’t normally have that effect on animals!

It is really cool being so close to wildlife in their surroundings and being included in their day to day activities.

9 thoughts on “Swans at Swan River

  1. Yep. You normally only have that effect on people right? 😉 Just joking. Nice shot of the swans mate. I think its awesome that they have managed to get these birds living out on the river again.

      1. Bwaa Haaa Jamie, great minds think alike, you beat me to it, I was going to say a similar thing about the affect Mark has on people.
        Cool shot Mark.

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