22 thoughts on “Fremantle Power Station Moonrise

  1. Oh well seeings how everyone is inviting themselves can I join the party too. PLEEEEASE, I asked nicely 🙂
    Great shot Mark, I’m not usually into the industrial shots and altered landscapes but I’m really liking what your doing with it all at the moment.

    1. Eh not quite, the sun disappeared and it’s been raining for two days, the coldest days I have experienced in 7 months 🙂

      Sun is promised to return today though, I need to summon some Summer soon 🙂

  2. We still have blue skies here and Northerlies again…just for something different!

    Its still about 25 degrees during the day as well! We had a little bit of rain on Tuesday night, but that was shortlived!

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