East Fremantle Yacht Club Views

On the way home from work this evening I saw these amazing clouds developing, so I opted to cruise down to the lookout over East Fremantle Yacht club as that was where the bulk of the cool clouds were forming over.

I pinged off this test shot which is a 10 shot stitch, 2 rows of 5 and then all the cloud started to burn off..dam I thought!

In any case I think this one worked pretty well and it shows off pretty well how cool the walking tracks are around this area!

Very tranquil!

17 thoughts on “East Fremantle Yacht Club Views

  1. Yep, if you want to photograph clouds in Perth you better move quickly. You blink once and they’re gone 🙂 But I see you managed to capture them after all… Nice location, I was there a number of years ago for a wedding reception.

    What software do you use for the stitching by the way?

    1. Indeed Armand! I use PT Gui mate and I very much recommend it. You can twist crooked horizons, bend them and opt to leave the stitch as a set of layers and decide where you want the blend to come in. 89 Euro off the web!

  2. Hey Mr. Madcat…nice to hear from you mate! Yep, we get em, but you have to be quick sometimes eh…yesterday was a classic example. 10 minutes after this there was just about nothing!

    1. Yeah, great weather for ducks today!

      Funnily our son (who can barely walk as he stubbed his toe badly the other day) was all set to walk to school this morning, we pointed out that he would be soaked to the skin all day and could barely walk to which he just answered meh! Teenagers !!!

  3. I was talking to my 12yr old neice on the weekend and I said to her that she should feel really excited to which she asked why? I told her because in about 8mths she is going to know everything.

  4. He he, very funny Jamie…and sooooo true! When the clock strikes midnight on the eve of her birthday the transformation will be complete! There will be no more nice little niece and from there all you will get is attitude until she is about 21! 🙂

  5. When our son hit 13 he suddenly only had 1 answer to every question, meh!

    When I asked him not to keep using meh as it really didn’t mean anything he took it on board and changed his answer to eh!

    At that point I gave up, luckily he’s a great kid and we still have a good relationship so we’re pretty lucky really 🙂

  6. Geez thanks guys I was already not looking forward to the teenage years, now I know I’m totally screwed 🙁
    By the way cool shot Mark, I tried something like this a while ago and I thought it sucked, maybe I need to look at it again. You have given me new inspiration once again.

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