Bridge over Troubled Waters!

I thought that the title suited this image quite well. In keeping with the previous post, it is almost a ‘beauty and the beast’ shot here with the beauty of the sky in total contrast to the carnage and disarray in the water, with the old rusty bridge seeming to traverse between the 2.

15 thoughts on “Bridge over Troubled Waters!

      1. I was pretty lucky with the lighting, I also used a ND400 filter to really darken things down.. 8 stops actually 🙂

        Such a great area for photographing though, I’m in the process of trying to get some permission to photograph a band in there.

  1. Good luck with that mate…I tried to get permission to get a photo exhibition in there and received an absolute flat no, nudda, forget it, your dreaming, aint gonna happen, don’t even go there…oh and did I tell you I meant no! 🙂

    And when I said….but…I got it all again! 🙂

      1. Yeah been super busy with work and a little project that I will put on my blog very soon its nearly finished something close to a lot of people mate.
        I need to get out and get me some new images though thats for sure soon hopefully 😉

  2. What a sky, another great shot. Though I still really like the other shot of all the concrete etc against the sunset….makes you think about how much mess we leave behind…

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