Bicton Baths Night Reflections

My daughter and her boyfriend Dave have purchased a Fuji X100 and this evening they came around for dinner and some tutoring. Dave is a quick learner and he grasped most of what I taught him this evening including an entry level intro to Photo Shop.

My 1Ds image is on top and it shows a cruise boat coming through the shot for a bit of effect.

The little Fuji performed admirably…a little hard to focus in low light would be my main criticism, but then aren’t all cameras I spose!

I ran Noise Ninja over the top image and left the Fuji as it was out of the camera to show how it handled noise. Interestingly one shot that was a bit under exposed has some major pixelation, so my tip would be to err on the side of over exposing if anything in high ISO’s with the Fuji and low light.

8 thoughts on “Bicton Baths Night Reflections

  1. Not to shabby at all I must say mate I’m looking at something like the Fuji X100 for when I’m away with work small and easy to put in my bag compared to lugging every lens and my D3S around but still be able to get some amazing shots so I will be keeping my eye’s on it thats for sure. On here can’t see much noise in there at all eh šŸ˜‰

    1. Indeed Brett, I would definitely recommend this little camera. Check out Flemmings latest post on the Fuji and some of the street shots he is getting with it. The inbuild flash works really well as well.

      I look fwd to some Fuji shots soon!

  2. Great stuff, if Dave is up for the challenge, we have apprenticeships open in Epicness Inc šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

    Sorry I couldn’t skype last night, catch all you guys another night šŸ™‚

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