Simple Kimberley Sunset Colours!

I like the simplicity of this shot and the range of colours. It is not the typical sunset shot dominated by reds and oranges, but it has some nice cool tones leading off to the right where it warms up.

Hope you like it!

13 thoughts on “Simple Kimberley Sunset Colours!

  1. I like it mark something different I have never seen a sunset quiet like this one with the different colours in it but I like it a lot mate 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comments, Brett, Jamie and Mr. Madcat! Off to the right Dave it was pretty hot light wise and I thought it best to stay away from the hot spot and expose correctly for these colours.

  2. Love the colours and the cloud formations Mark 🙂

    Personally I would like to have seen a bit more of the sunset to the right to make it a full 3:1 panorama, but that’s the great thing with art there’s no right or wrong just opinions and preferences 🙂

  3. What this image shows off very well are the incredible colours of a Kimberley sunset. I have not seen anything like it anywhere in the world. The palette of colours on display are stunning. As the sun sets the sky turns a vibrant blue, the clouds turn a mango coloured orange and it is simply so beautiful.

    1. Funny you know, Andrea and Andrew…in the Kimberly we get sunsets like this more often than not, so much so, that Flembot opted to take meditating classes on the bow when this sunset was going off!

      Just another epic sunset in paradise…Ho hum!:)

      1. Yep, as stunning as this 360 degree sunset was, it happens every other day in Kimberley in the wet season. I have seen this in Broome countless times. It was still stunning, but also perfect for some meditation on the bow 😀

        My epic King Georg Tale is now up 😀

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