Cicerello’s Sunset

This is the image I was focusing on whilst I had my back to the rainbow…still not too shabby either actually!

The area is very popular as a family and tourist fish and chip destination. Not sure how long it will last though. The way the Greens are going with cutting off 30% of the Australian Fishing zones, I doubt we will be able to afford to eat fish in the future. In fact i doubt very much if we will be able to afford to eat Beef either the way this Government is going!

How did we get into this situation where we are actually being dictated to by such a left wing party? Take note people of what happened at the last election and all you donkey voters out there and those who voted for the Independents. When a Government is in power and has to pander to radical minority groups to stay in power, you will always see situations like what is happening with the cattle industry and the fishing industries in Australia, together with an inability to make decisions in a timely fashion.

I know someone who has just come back from Europe and everything is rocking over there, the money is starting to flow again and people were asking him, ‘hey what’s wrong in Australia…you guys have all the mining and oil and gas….so why all the doom and gloom’!

Radical minority groups and instability is why!

The sooner this Hack Government is ousted the better before the lack of confidence becomes the norm and then we will have to crawl our way out of the mess they have put us into!

The above is an insight into an assignment I have taken on this weekend and it will be a wake up call for everyone…watch this space!

Fremantle Rainbow

On the way home this evening I saw a very cool cloud hovering over Fremantle, so I took a detour to see what was happening.

I nearly missed this shot as I was totally looking the other way, then i looked around, pinged the shot and then the rainbow was gone… close!

It was last light and the soft orange glow was quite apparent.

Storm Chasing at Cottesloe Beach

On Friday evening we had the worst storm front we have had in about 12 months, so Neal and I set out to see what we could capture. This is the first image from the shoot and as the evening went on the drama unfolded.

The clouds became more ominous and they were coming in fast from the South West, which is unusual for our Western Australian fronts as they normally come down from the North West.

Surfers were having a ball both out here and next to the breakwater at Cove and Seconds and all the time I was thinking, which toy should I be using here! Surfboard or camera! As I was there with my camera I made the most of what was developing.

We shot till sunset and by then the clouds were looking like they just wanted to burst and burst they did!

We got back to the cars, unloaded our kit and said our good byes and then I turned for home. Within a minute I was in the heaviest downpour I have ever driven in I reckon and I literally crawled home to East Freo at about 10km’s per hour and driving through some of the deepest puddles ever as well!

I heard on the news tonight that some parts of Perth received more that 60mm of rain in an hour!

The news also said that we have an even bigger storm coming tonight with just as much rain but this time with 125 kmh winds!

Game on tomorrow me thinks!

Milky Way Sand Dunes

As mentioned on Facebook, I went up to Cervantes to shoot the Pinnacles again with Mr. Spool.

After sunset we set out back down the coast to some sand dunes just off the road, had dinner and then set out for a sand dune night shoot.

I ummed and arred about taking all my kit and decided to just take the tripod and camera with the 17mm tilt shift but Neal opted to take his back pack and tripod. After treking out about 500mm we set up and that is when Neal found that he had left his camera in the car and it was not in the back pack he had lugged all the way out there! šŸ™‚

I managed to keep him busy light painting for me but so it wasn’t a total loss! šŸ™‚

Sugar Loaf Northern Drama

Here is another perspective from the other day at Sugarloaf. I sat at this spot for some time as the drama was simply mesmerising. Some of the waves exploding were literally throwing up water 10’s of metres in the air and I could help think how helpless you would be if in amongst all that water movement!

No wonder people die when wash off rocks down there…the power of Mother Nature!