Sugar Loaf Northern Drama

Here is another perspective from the other day at Sugarloaf. I sat at this spot for some time as the drama was simply mesmerising. Some of the waves exploding were literally throwing up water 10’s of metres in the air and I could help think how helpless you would be if in amongst all that water movement!

No wonder people die when wash off rocks down there…the power of Mother Nature!

19 thoughts on “Sugar Loaf Northern Drama

  1. Just as well it wasn’t really rough Mark! I have seen waves breaking right over the top of the big rock. However Sugarloaf Rocks are probably most dangerous on calmer days when people venture further out, and get caught by king waves. On days like that the danger is more obvious.

    When you watch that gap, the power of the waves is mesmerising as you say, and I think you have depicted that power well.

    1. I had a great time at the Dardanup Heritage Park instead. I need to go back and spend a full day there sometime as I had no idea there was so much there.

  2. Indeed Jamie…I pinged off a few shots to make sure I got the right one. The image is a 14 shots stitch with various other shots blended in. I probably used about 17 shots al up to make this shot up!

  3. Grouse shot Mark, captured well. It really shows the winter side of Sugarloaf in all it’s glory.

  4. Hey buddy, another winner from Sugarloaf. This portrays the power of waves well, something that is hard to capture. I also think this ‘natural’ look processing suits these images very well. Gold mate!

    Gotta get me a storm at Sugarloaf one day, calm water is fun for swimming but I want storms in my images while trying to keep the storms out of my head 🙂

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