Cicerello’s Sunset

This is the image I was focusing on whilst I had my back to the rainbow…still not too shabby either actually!

The area is very popular as a family and tourist fish and chip destination. Not sure how long it will last though. The way the Greens are going with cutting off 30% of the Australian Fishing zones, I doubt we will be able to afford to eat fish in the future. In fact i doubt very much if we will be able to afford to eat Beef either the way this Government is going!

How did we get into this situation where we are actually being dictated to by such a left wing party? Take note people of what happened at the last election and all you donkey voters out there and those who voted for the Independents. When a Government is in power and has to pander to radical minority groups to stay in power, you will always see situations like what is happening with the cattle industry and the fishing industries in Australia, together with an inability to make decisions in a timely fashion.

I know someone who has just come back from Europe and everything is rocking over there, the money is starting to flow again and people were asking him, ‘hey what’s wrong in Australia…you guys have all the mining and oil and gas….so why all the doom and gloom’!

Radical minority groups and instability is why!

The sooner this Hack Government is ousted the better before the lack of confidence becomes the norm and then we will have to crawl our way out of the mess they have put us into!

The above is an insight into an assignment I have taken on this weekend and it will be a wake up call for everyone…watch this space!

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  1. Nice image, but your best post. You already know I agree 100% with your sentiment.
    Bob Brown is now running the country, and his comments thus week about the coal industry was a REAL insight into his agenda.

    Those that vote the green party are in fact voting for the far left in disguise.

        1. We are flying out and have a light aircraft meeting us that only takes 2 mate, so thanks for the offer, but no room on this sortie, but Ia m sure there will be more missions as this fight has only just started!

          1. Maybe next time then.. I still want to do that trip out towards York some time when we get some clearer weather too. There is a ruin I want to photograph with some nice stars in the background šŸ™‚

          2. Cool, I’ll play. In fact I have been thinking that I want to get all the photogs together say once a month as I often get requests from people wanting to join me so it makes sense to get everyone together. I figure we could do an arvo shoot and then go out for a bit of a feed somewhere and actually meet and interact!

            I am a bit busy early in July but I will probably kick it off later in July and see how it goes!

          3. Brilliant idea.. the wedding photographers do that in Brisbane once a month.. I’m sure we could do that with the landscape photographers once a month too.. would be great fun!

  2. I’m truly speechless. Such a beautiful photo. I saw this cloud building up from the Kwinana Freeway and was thinking I hope you were capturing it and you did. Really stunning mate.


  3. Brillaint photo.. today was one of those times where I didn’t have my gear on me, despite being in the right place and the right time!

    Queensland is even worse for fishing rights.. most of Brisbane’s Moreton Bay is now shut down for recreational fishing.. they are trying to ban recreational fishing from the jetties as well. So you can now get a big fine for taking your kid out to catch a fish.. something most of us grew up doing, heck I practically lived on a boat for a period of my childhood we fished that much!

    1. It is a joke the way this country is going Paul and the reason is that the majority are apathetic and wait till its too late to do something about it….and I am just as guilty as anyone for not doing enough to stop these radical factions ruining our heritage….that is about to change!

      1. You are going to succeed and join the guy up north in starting your own country? haha šŸ™‚

        In all seriousness though, this government is pretty inept. Their carbon tax will not actually help the environment one bit, it is a disguise for a redistribution in wealth (in my opinion). If it was to be truely effective they would invest the tax into R & D grants for green technologies and alternative fuel / energy sources.. not hand outs.

        1. Exactly Paul…exactly….the tax will not do one eyeota to fix the greenhouse emissions and all it will do is add costs to absolutely everything we do. Exports will become non existent and we will fast track ourselves to being another country like America where we will become the consumers of products made everywhere else!

          1. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this, but if you try and argue against the carbon tax you are a called names rather than entering into a logcial debate.

          2. It’s easy to counter that debate Paul…simply ask them to show you one snippet if evidence that proves the emissions will be reduced as a result of the tax!

            There us none!

    2. Fishing has largely been a rape and pillage industry especially with the advent of modern boats and technology , fish finders, GPS , huge nets, long lines etc. Only recently has the fishing industry started to change its ways. It is much the same with recreational fishing, better boats fishfinders, 4wd drives giving better access to fishing spots and of course just more people fishing. Unfortunately fishing does need some kind of regulation.

  4. I try to stay out of political arguments but this govt has got to go.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Govt so inept at policy decisions, Whitlam was better than this mob, and the greens are a dangerous alternative.

    Beef won’t get more expensive because we will have a mountain of the stuff to chew thru with the decision this govt has made.

    1. I think that there will be no cattle farmers left to have an industry Merv, the way things are going! They will do what many farmers have done who were finding it tough and go to the Oil and Gas industry for some stability! Then we will be importing our food and then who knows how the animals will have been treated along the way!

    2. Oh and yes you are sooo right that this Government has to go. In fact I think it is an insult to past competent Governments to even class them as a Government at all!

  5. Most of the commercial fishing for scale fish has been shut down on this coast Merv and the Lobster industry has gone from being one of the most successful fisheries in the world to an industry that is on its knees!

    And yet the catches are totally sustainable. The issue has come about by simply a total mismanagement of the industry by the Fisheries. I kid you not, that with the amount of ground that the Greens want to bring in, having fish on the table will be a distant memory!

      1. The trouble with fish farming Merv is they are caged in one area and essentially swim around in their own toilet.

        Lots of disease is the result and they are often fed lots of anti biotics to counter the disease.

        Not the sort of fish I will be eating I can assure you!

          1. You got it Paul and they want all the people who have more than others to share it all around…essentially they are the modern day communist party.

            That is what the carbon tax is really all about!

          2. The greens are a real mix between communism and socialism.. I think we do need a good mix of capitalism with an element of socialism.. I’d hate for our country to get the same way as the US in health care, a social health care for those less fortunate is defintely needed, otherwise you have guys like that poor bloke on the news the other night who “held up” a bank for $1 so he could get arrested, go to jail.. and get free health care.

            On the other end of the scale, we need to be rewarded for hard work and smarts, rather than expecting a handout at every turn. Rewarded is probably the wrong term.. but you get what I mean.

        1. I saw Dhufish for $89.95 a kg at the Boatshed in Cott the other day. I think it’s already unaffordable !!!

          We will have to eat beef , theres plenty of that to go around at present.

          1. That price is a result of the line share of the commercial fishery already being shut down Merv!

            Beef will go the same way in the long term once this initial glut gets taken up.

            Cattle farmers will get sick of the unsurity and move on. There will be no one left prepared to put up with the bullshit and we will be importing beef as well as fish!

          2. I’m hoping it doesn’t go that way.. Australia produces awesome beef.. My dad has just got back from 6 weeks overseas, he said the beef all through Europe was awful compared to what we can get here.

          3. Paul…the beef industry is on it’s knees!

            The Indonesian government are pissed at how Gillard handed this whole affair so they are not letting the inspectors in.

            You can bet your bottom dollar that they already have a number of countries knocking on their door wanting to do a deal!

  6. G’day Mark – Its great to read you get that off your chest. I actually like this sky better than the rainbow one I think… It’s a bit like the literature of this post – very fiery !
    Go get ’em mate !

    1. Ian onto em Tone!

      And yes it is a joke how little we are getting out of all the resources.

      Most of the boats being used in the oil and gas industry are coming in from overseas and there are no import duties to encourage a local build..

  7. Oh I also read recently that now over 80% ( yes >80% !) of the mining in this country is now owned by foreign investment ! What a joke ! We only have a certain amount of these resources… ONCE !
    C’mon Aussies !

  8. I think the last image is my fave but this is OK.

    Beurocrats that have never had to worry about where there pay packet comes from and never been in the real business world will never be able to run a country properly. They are running this country like a government dept which can be chopped and changed when ever they feel like something different without any loss to there over payed salaries and positions. Don’t get me started !!!

    1. So true Peter….get started mate….it’s time we all get vocal and kick this Government into oblivion!

      Using the term Government loosely of course in this instance!

    1. Yes indeed Peta I don’t think enough people realise what a difference a stable Government would make right now, but these hacks have us not only in a downward spiral, but a flat spin as well!:)

  9. They were both great shots Mark. The rainbow shot shows that you always have to look behind you (regardless of whether you are a a prime minister or a photographer)!
    I will be watching with interest to see what you have planned. My guess is that you will be launching the True North political party by jumping out of the plane, with Mike Fletcher filming. The slogan of the new party will be Jump, Julia, Jump referring to the need for her to act in the national interest and jump ship while there still is a ship to jump from.

    1. Very funny Ian….I love the looking behind you if you are a Prime Minister comment…not a truer word has been said given the currents state of play with Gillard!

      I am not inclined to start any political party any time soon mate as I do not want to remove 75% of my brain in order to fit in with the halfwits running the country at the moment!

      I agree that would be a great political stunt to do about jumping out of the plane and videoing it!

  10. Sounds like a few folks have pretty much the same feeling I do … The real problem I see is reaching those that think the complete opposite …some say if they actually sat down and really gave it a thought from their own individual perspective they would come to conclusions not to far either side of this posting.

    If the masses would stop watching and believing what they see in the media and dig a little deeper into the issues we would not be in this mess. The US loosing it’s manufacturing and farming at an alarming rate and some say it is already too late … And from what I see here, we are doing the same thing …

    Why do we not ask the question or plain refuse to pay the $42.99kg for lamb chops, yes you read right, thats the price I saw at a butcher yesterday … 40 fu#king dollars, I wanted to reach over the counter and rip the guys head off for trying to charge that …. or try $99.00kg for Dhu Fish Merv at Drovers Market here in Wanneroo.

    Why do we not make a stand against this type of charging and pricing both at the store and via our local politicians who have driven these prices to excess levels? Why, I suspect it has a lot to do with ( and I say it even though it is politically incorrect it is ) the folks that never grew up here and the fact many like the fact they can afford to pay for overpriced goods and services, it almost becomes a bragging right ….. and it shits the life out of me ….!

    1. Yes indeed Neal…stuff being correct and lets get it out there and make people think! As I said in my post it is apathy from the masses that gets us to where we are now which is being dictated to by a bunch of vocal minority groups..well this little black duck is about to stop being part of the silent majority and I am going to do what I can to get people to think about where we are headed!

  11. It’s not a bad photo, but your comments are utterly moronic. I really don’t know where to begin.

    To refer to the incumbent government as ‘such a left wing’ party belies belief. They verge to the right on many, many issues. If you fail to latch on to such a basic notion, there’s no wonder your fail to grasp far more complicated polices.

    I’d stick to the snapshots. Thank christ, there’s some superb photographer’s in this city that don’t share you’re myopic Murdoch-fed world view.

    1. Man goes out to earn an honest buck and comes back after a few meetings and all hell breaks loose!

      It is good that we live in a democracy Steph and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

      It would appear from the boys comments above that you have a history of being controversial with your comments and from the way you have handled yourself on this post with both comments directed at myself and Neal, one would then have to think about your overall credibility in any case!

      Have a great day! šŸ™‚

  12. Oh steph where have you been, it’s been so long since you left your nasty comments on my blOg. I miss deleting them after a laugh. Would love to see your work, it must be amazing.

      1. It’s very difficult to take anyone seriously when they actually admit to getting their news from Fox and go as far as linking to the website from their own blog.

        It’s ‘news’ made for moronic rednecks and anyone with any semblance of intelligence would find their coverage laughable.

        As for seeing my work, well, I’m just an art critic and fine art buyer with a couple of decades worth of experience and a degree in fine art. Landscape art is always all about great composition. There’s no point in finding spectacular light if you are incapable of using it to its best advantage and this is an area when you fall short. It’s your prerogative to delete any negative comments but if you fail to heed the words of those advising you then you will continue to produce average work.

        1. I won’t be deleting your comments Steph, unless as Neal says you choose to use any profanity! I am certainly not a wouser and often have a crack, but there is a time and a place for sure and forums like this should be respected.

  13. Love the new comments waiting for approval on my blog steph, classic steph comments. But I don’t allow the use of the C word on my blogs sorry, or any profanity, maybe next time sorry steph.

  14. No idea Paul, last time she showed on a blog that I know of was a guy named William blog a few weeks back. She shows up now again with her opinion to which she is entitled to, she just comes across a little bitter. Who really knows.

  15. I have to delete your comments though steph as the use of the C word is a little extreme sorry. Any constructivemcritic I will gladly taken on board but you seem to attack the person and the people that have already commented and not provide a insight to what is wrong with my photography. Plus I really would like to know the person to understand their critic, not just a first name and a yahoo email address.

    Who do you write for, where can I read you evaluation of art or see your recommendations?

    1. Personally I’ve always found your photography inspiring Neal, my mother.. an accomplished and awarded artist also loves it, she says she would like to paint a few of your pieces.. I wouldn’t really worry about an anonymous internet troll..

    1. She just got back from a 6 week trip from Europe.. I’ll wait until she has finished painting Venice, Rome, St Petersberg, Vienna, Prague.. and a whole heap of other cities I can’t even remember.. haha šŸ™‚

      1. I guess the point I am trying to make here Merv is that knee jerk decisions like cutting off a successful $300,000,000 export overnight is reckless to the point of being criminal! This country was built off the back of our farmers and now this Government in an overnight decision just cans one of the last few real exports we have!

        There is no doubt that we and everywhere else in the world has a long way to go before we properly come out of the GFC and I personally have had the toughest 2 years in my business life since starting in business in 1985.

        In that time I have sold $750,000,000 of boats and have started 6 very successful businesses and have just completed the first year in my current business which is back to the core of my business skill set, which is boat building again for the local commercial sector.

        And guess what Steph, I don’t have a degree either, but I have a triple diploma in the ‘school of hard knocks’ and the range of successful businesses I have been involved with somewhat speaks for itself I feel!

        1. Yes you are probably right Merv!

          I often wonder just how much better off we would have been under a John Howard Government through this crisis. The 11 years they ran this country were possibly the most stable years ever and no one talk much about politics back then simply because it was working!

  16. I was disagreeing with most if the views expressed here in the comments, in general as I do not know Australian politics in detail. The decision to ban all live export was rushed and hurt the animals they were trying to protect. A knee jerk too quick decision. I agree in general though as I will always come down on the green side of animal welfare and environmental protection.

    Businesses like logging, fishing etc needs regulation as there are far too many heartless crooks in the game.

    1. Flembot…I have been selling boats to the fishing industry in WA for most of my working life and I think I have a pretty good overall understanding of the and have formed views based on sustainability and also the commercial viability of the industry in general. There is absolutely no doubt that fisheries around Australia have been totally mis managed and over regulated to the point of extinction in many cases. In the case of the WA lobster industry it has been a case of indecision and inconsistency that has left the industry in a very sorry state.

      With regards the cattle industry, for sure the welfare of the animals is a major consideration, but by the same token the handling of the situation was ridiculous and I reckon our forefathers would be turning over in their graves! This country was brought up by farmers and it is part of our heritage. The way we are headed with knee jerk shutting down of an industry like the cattle industry is simply that we will have no cattle farms left in Aus and we will have to import our beef in years to come and then there will be no way of knowing how the animals have been treated, or what drugs they have been given etc etc.

  17. Big Howard fan. He got so shafted by Keating and then the media. No Polly is perfect but he at least gave us all a fair swing. Today I feel I have to swing with one arm trying to run a business.

  18. Food and food security is going to be a big thing in the not too distant future.
    We have one major problem on this planet …. there are too many people.

    1. Clean drinking water is probably the no. 1 problem. Shortage of food is probably no. 2. This is not a scenario for the too distant future, this is now and has been for a long time. 1 in 6 do not have access to any clean drinking water.

      Re-distribute the wealth. I have a very good friend in Thailand, he is 27, father is dead, mother drinks, born in a Karen village with no water, no electricity and the Thailand government discriminates the Karen people. He has now completed a Master in English at Bangkok Uni via donations from me and a lot of other friends. “It’s not fair” he says. “I was born into a hellish life of poverty and hunger having to support my younger sisters while others are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. You throw out more food in a day than I can ever hope to buy for my sisters”. Re-distribute the wealth. We’re all in this together on the same planet.

      I’ll leave this post to others now, could not shut up nor resist adding a bit to it. All the best.

      1. Bankrupting the west will not solve poverty issues though. Part of the reason I have been trying to get my business up and running so that I can fund some trips into the 3rd world, video it and raise awareness.. if people are only just keeping their heads above here in the western world (there are levels of survival), how likely are they to donate towards charity and help out the truely poverty stricken.

        I’ve got a trip in to Cambodia booked for September, I’ll be working for 2 weeks in an orphanage and a week in a clinic, no doubt it will be as eye-opening as my trip to Papua New Guinea was, maybe more so.

        Those of us who are more fortunate than others do have a responsibility to do our part to help out the truely needy. There is a vast difference between someone who is in need in Thailand or Cambodia.. and the welfare & handout depenedent people here in Australia. The difference is, people here have all the opportunity in the world to make a decent living.

        1. Quite right again Paul

          One of the biggest problems with the overcrowding in the world is that the poorer nations are breading multiples of kids whilst the developed nations are breading less.

          If someone could address that problem and cut the breeding back to one child in the poorer nations then the problems would start to turn around.

          The way we are going we are heading for disaster no doubt and killing off a viable food chain outlet is certainly not the key to resolving what is ahead!

  19. Very true indeed Merv and also the gap between the haves and the have nots will widen a lot in the coming years…it is already happening now since the GFC.

  20. I’ve come back to the farm from the Oil & gas industry Mark. The money is good but the lifestyle is shit, thus why I have come home. We will survive, as we owe money to no one!!! It’s all about getting better at what you do in business, as you are well aware!!
    And the greens have gained the balance of power……..great thing for the country that is!!
    The Gillard government is a typical Labor government, waste the money and then try and create a new tax, ie; the carbon tax. The Mineral Resources Rent Tax is about sharing the wealth, in other words, Victoria and NSW have done little for their own states finances, so they will take the money from the mining and prop up the other states, at the expense of WA. You know we don’t mean anything over here to the eastern seaboard, where only here to give them money!!!
    Don’t get me started on the live export. These activists are just a minority group that believe they have the right to stop an industry. We were all shocked with what we saw on 4 Corners, but we know that it was made to look “bad”, which it was. We can have an impact if we are still in the market, but the question I always ask these “activists”, what will you do about animal cruelty when they stop cattle from Australia, because Indonesia still produce their own?? I never get an answer there. Stop the cruelty, not live exports!!! Great debate this one.

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