Freo Photog get together

On Friday evening a few of the bloggers got together for a shoot in Freo. It was a bit of a stormy evening but it gave us some nice light and drama to play with.

Present were, Andrea, Charlene, Brett and myself…missing in action were Mr. Spool and Adrian! šŸ™‚

The Docks image came together quite well and is a slightly different approach to the shot than Brett did yesterday with his HDR version. Mine was a 6 shot stitch with the 50mm and I had a 10 stop ND on as well.

We had lots of laughs and that grey storm cloud off in the distance almost nailed us as it bucketed down not long after this shot was taken!

We tucked in under the E shed verandah’s for a while and then made our way back to Little Creatures for dinner.

That was my first time meeting Charlene…very nice to meet you finally Charlene! I have heard a lot about you from Flembot so I feel like I know you quite well already!

Wheatbelt photo shoot

Yesterday I went out bush for a photo adventure with fellow photog Brett Morgan.

It was a big day and we covered about 900 km all up and ended up out North of Southern Cross and then over to Balidu before driving back home.

This was one of the earlier shots showing off a typical salt lake that are scattered in our outback these days. The clouds were very kind to us yesterday apart from the final sunset shoot, but overall I think we had some great light and conditions for shooting for most of the day.

We captured some classic farm style landscapes and we also found a mini wave rock thanks to Cat’s directions…stay tuned for that one as well!

Gear reviews

I thought I might do something different today and review a one of my new items in my kit that I am very happy with. I am not aligned with any shops, nor am I sponsored by these shops.

The first item is my Zacuto View Finder which I bought about 6 months ago.

I am extremely happy with this purchase and with my fading eyes especially in glair conditions, I find it almost impossible to focus without the Zacuto View Finder. I was advised by my good mate Flembot to go for the stick on clip frame rather than the heavier and more cumbersome attachment you can buy that screws into the tripod mount at the bottom of your camera and I agree that the stick on type is the way to go.

The Zacuto View Finder then simply clips into place and lets no light in and you are away. I went for the x3 magnifier and there is the option for a x2.5 as well. I would stay with the x3 as it works very well.

With this attachment you can get your focus point exactly right and you can also review the shot taken very easily and scrutinise the histogram. When Stitching I tend to get my focus and exposure where I want with the Zacuto and then unclip to do the stitch.

The only negative I have found with the Zacuto is that the rubber attracts sand like flies to a honey pot for some reason. I have found though that after a sand dune shoot or something where the Loupe does get impregnated with sand, simply pull it apart and wash in soapy water and the sand comes off very easily.

Tomorrow I will review my new tripod and head…stay tuned!