63 V dub?

My guess is the above car wreck is a 1963 Beetle? How close am I?

Another car wreck left on the side of the old Broome road at the Munda Station.

There was also a cool looking tractor wreck that looked like it was set up to run a saw or something near a sheering shed. Exploring properties like Munda can be most intriguing when you stop and wonder just what used to go on back in the day!

4 thoughts on “63 V dub?

  1. A quick search says that in 1958 VW introduced a new larger rectangular rear window. So this must be pre 1958 (oval rear window). It is also post 53 as prior to that the rear window was split. Probably didn’t change much 1953-58, so it could be hard to get much closer than that.

    1. Well done Ian! It stands to reason actually that it is a 56 model like the Dodge Kingsway or in that era. Maybe it was a really hot summer back then and the cooling systems of those old cars just weren’t up to that trek!

      The old V dubs struggle to stay cool in even a mild Perth summer never mind a Pilbara one!

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