Black and White and Grain versions of City Pano

As per suggestions from Mr. Spool and Flembot, above are black and white versions of the city pano and also film grain. I personally like them both and I have enjoyed exploring the various ways to look at one image and the input from everyone…ta muchly!

The film grain effect I put together with Niks software and it worked pretty well I feel.

Feel free to comment and criticise as you se fit!

5 thoughts on “Black and White and Grain versions of City Pano

  1. The black and white worked better than I would have expected. Makes the different “layers” of the perspective look very graphic, almost like they’re cut out of layers of paper. Very cool effect.

    1. I agree Armand that the black and white version came out better than expected and I am hearin ya Flembot as well as the 900 pixel version barely shows the grain at all!

  2. I think grain is the best texture for this one, Nik is a good way of producing them. They’re hardly visible at this size though, the problem with showing grain in a tiny web image.

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