Gearies Surf Beach, Mandurah

I went down for a surf this morning at Gearies, just south of Mandurah and whilst I was scoping the conditions, I decided to pull the camera kit out and ping this off before going out for a surf.

I met a guy by the name of Chris out there and we had a good old yarn in-between waves. A fun day out and driving home the body had that nice. ‘I’ve been out paddling’ feel to it!

2 thoughts on “Gearies Surf Beach, Mandurah

  1. Hi Mark, the photo of Gearies is great. It is such a good spot to get wet and have a paddle.
    It was nice meeting you out in the waves today.
    As usual i did more talking than surfing but still managed a couple of good ones.
    I saw you catch a nice wave, with a great drop and plenty of wall.
    Your website is very impressive, and the photos are sensational.
    I will visit again.
    Hope to see you out there again sometime.

    1. Gidday Chris,

      Thanks for the chat today. It was a bit of fun eh! If you subscribe to the blog you will get posts as I put them up so you can stay tuned!

      I am just about to post another one from Avalon.

      See you another time down that way!

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