Sids Rapids

This is a 20 shot stitch of upper sids rapids at Wilyunga national park.

8 of the shots were focus stacked and that left a 12 shot stitch. 6 across the top and 6 across the bottom.

Once again the light was very kind to me and the gnarly tree roots in the foreground really set the image off I reckon.

File size is 1 gig!

18 thoughts on “Sids Rapids

  1. That is one giant file!!!! It works really well so complex and interesting. Hmm I was thinking of ducking down to the Stirling Ranges for a Friday morning shoot but maybe its time to head up into the hills to play.

    1. Yep it was good up there mate! I could have stayed up there all day, but Lee was getting a little bored so time to leave before she cut me off for a week! šŸ™‚

  2. I think that we are going the other way Tim! There are lots of studies showing WA is headed to be the driest city on the planet in the not too distant future!

  3. Geez no need to brag now Mark, we all know that your the stitching master but 20? Come on that is totally going into bragsville. Bwaa Haa Ha. Super cool shot Mark, your a legend.

    1. Thanks Treasure…glad you liked it!

      It’s a bit daunting when you set out to do a stitch like this as it takes a lot of time and you only need to stuff up one shot and it’s binsville!:)

      1. I bet Mark, you are such a legend with the stitches, I just don’t know how you don’t loose track of it when your focus stacking as well. I know you have a certain routine that you follow so I suppose that makes it easier. Maybe once I’ve done a zillion stitches like you I’ll be right.

          1. Yep your not wrong, I’m getting there. Was on a mission doing my editing, went out shooting on the weekend so I could do one of my shoots for the week because I have a goal to get up two shots on my blog a week from new photo’s and now have to put in an insurance claim cause I dropped my camera and two lenses in the water and the camera is shot to S–t and not sure about my lenses at the moment DOH. Never mind I’ll get my practice in soon I hope.

  4. Hey that’s what I pay insurance for, I’m not sure if even the 1ds could handle being in the water for a few minutes until I could get to it. Lenses they want to fix them but I’m a bit concerned, they hit rocks first and then into the water but they think they can dry them out no worries but I’m worried about alignment.

    1. Sounds like you dud the job on it girl!

      Pleased to gear you have insurance and I hope they look after you!

      If not tell em we’ll bad blog em out of existence!

      I dropped the 1 D off my tripod into the water and just washed it off and went shooting again!

      I shot for an hour in a tropical downpour in PNG as well!

      1. Wow I didn’t realize they were water proof that much, I knew they could handle a fair bit of rain and water but didn’t think that well. When I get the extra money I’ll have to upgrade to the 1 D, it’s a bit out of my price range at the moment.

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