Anyone interested in joining me for a trip to Balidu this weekend?

Hi all,

I see that the weather is going to be very average in Perth this weekend, so have decided to venture up to Balidu to see what I can get.

There are some salt lakes out there and I am sure there will be plenty along the way of interest as well.

Drop me a line if you are interested in joining me.

TN Mark!

17 thoughts on “Anyone interested in joining me for a trip to Balidu this weekend?

  1. Those salt lakes are dam boring. (One of them is called Damboring Lake!).

    While you are there you could visit East Damboring and the Dam Boring nature reserve!. All in all it could be a dam boring weekend. (Sorry Mark I can’t make it – I have my own dam boring weekend writing a specification).

      1. Sweet as I am looking forward to friday should be good might be wet but well the challenge brings out better aspirations eh mate šŸ™‚ oh and does this involve a 4×4 to go to balidura or would the ss make it šŸ˜‰ just a thought is all.

  2. Somewhere in the past there must have been someone with a classic Aussie sense of humor to name something Damboring. It’s a bit like calling it Lake Disappointment. So I think there may be something worth seeing there in spite of the name. (Google maps gives a pretty good view of Balidu if you want to know where it is).

  3. Hi Mark

    Hope you took some good photos and had a good drive out to the DAM BORING TOWN of Ballidu my HOME TOWN!!!! People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones! Nothing ventured nothing gained, I cant wait to see the awsome pictures capturing the beauty of this town and its surroundings the peacefulness and tranquillity of the bush, the growing crops in fields that stretch forever with no interupted views and my favourite the stars at night that become your only light something people in Perth take for granted, I hope you capture it all in your photos so that everyone can share the same beauty I grew up with!!

    1. Hey Cat, yes we did have a great day yesterday and covered about 900 km! I took 6 gig of photos and we got some crackers near your home town! Stay tuned! Unfortunately the nice clouds we had earlier in the day had burned off by sunset when we got to Balidu so our shooting options were a bit limited.

      I am about to post the first image from the shoot…more to come over the day!

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