2 thoughts on “Wheatbelt Sunrise

  1. Hi Stots,

    Sounds like its all going well it ya travels & the Life an Times of an
    Adventure Photographer 🙂

    Just a quick one to say hi & let ya know i been following ya progress right
    from your very 1st blog entry..

    Keep up the great pics mate… I can see you enjoy it & the passion comes
    through in your photographer & pics…

    Please make sure you invite me to your very 1st StotZ Exhibition mate 🙂
    {hopefully in Paris/France @ the Eifel Tower? the we can get ‘Stan The Man’
    to B.A.S.E. Jump off it during your world premiere hey… hahahaha Lol

    Nah seriously Stots, I’m jealous of ya travels & pics mate… I broke up
    with my wife a year ago after 21years together and i’m finding new
    enthusiasum and passion in everything i do… Its bloody hard to stay
    motivated when ya miss ya kids every second of every day though 🙁 but i
    get to see them as much as i can & finally things are looking good…

    Anyway enough of my probs 🙂 Just wanted to let you know someone out in the
    ‘online world’ appreciates ya work.. if you call iut that hahaha

    Hope all is well for you & your family Mark? Take care out there & dont get
    stung by a stingray hey 🙂

    P.s. Remember the ‘Good Old Demo Days’ of Skydiving in Perth Mate?

    CheerZnBeerZ & Bye for now..

    Blue Skies,
    Richie Sauzier

    PO Box 193,
    Guildford WA 6935
    Western Australia
    Mobile: 0417 700 515
    Email: skydive@iinet.net.au

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