Anyone interested in joining me for a trip to Balidu this weekend?

Hi all,

I see that the weather is going to be very average in Perth this weekend, so have decided to venture up to Balidu to see what I can get.

There are some salt lakes out there and I am sure there will be plenty along the way of interest as well.

Drop me a line if you are interested in joining me.

TN Mark!

Sids Rapids

My wife chose this perspective and I must admit I quite like it now that I have worked it up…even though I hate admitting when she’s right! I think its a bloke thing! 🙂

This was shot with my 1.2 50mm L series prime and is a 4 shot stitch with a couple of them focus stacked.

Gearies Surf Beach, Mandurah

I went down for a surf this morning at Gearies, just south of Mandurah and whilst I was scoping the conditions, I decided to pull the camera kit out and ping this off before going out for a surf.

I met a guy by the name of Chris out there and we had a good old yarn in-between waves. A fun day out and driving home the body had that nice. ‘I’ve been out paddling’ feel to it!

Fremantle rain storm

I was down at Fremantle earlier today and I could have easily been in PNG with the strength of the deluge that hit the heart of Fremantle. The drains were totally overloaded and the resultant flood waters were way up over the pathways.

On return to Henderson I was told that they saw a water spout over Fremantle about the same time. At least I managed to ping off a shot of the drama, but i am bawling at missing out on the spout…dog!

Austal Image now closed after 26 years!!!

My how the waterfront as changed over the last couple of years. The company I founded in December 1985 with Bill Plug has now been closed by Austal due to a lack of work! The top photo is the last resting place of that company!

I was told the other day that Image was closed 2 weeks ago. We built Image up to a point where by 1998 we were recognised as being the 3rd largest aluminium shipbuilding company in Australia. It its hey day Image was turning $50,000,000 a year and employing nearly 200 people. Back then Austal was employing nearly 2,000 people in WA alone.

I am told they are now back to under 300 people and there is limited work on the horizon….a factor of the GFC and the high Aussy dollar amongst other things!

Over the last 20 years the line share of vessels you would see moving around the Henderson harbour would have been aluminium. Now since the advent of the Oil and Gas boom in our North, the style and size of vessels has changed dramatically and they are all steel vessels and all have been built offshore.

I fear that our once booming aluminium shipbuilding industry in WA is going down the same path of the UK ship building industry, where everything will have to go offshore as the cost of labour and the exchange rates simply make it unaffordable to build larger vessels here any more except for some niche vessels.

The bottom photo is of a large crane that has just been towed down from Dampier. This beast can lift a 1,000 tonne payload.

The good news though is that out of the ashes is an evolution in the form of Evolution Commercial which is my latest shipbuilding company with partner Jurien Van Rongen. We are a tight low overhead company with a lot of experience behind us, finding our own new niche in this challenging world around us at present.