Black and White and Grain versions of City Pano

As per suggestions from Mr. Spool and Flembot, above are black and white versions of the city pano and also film grain. I personally like them both and I have enjoyed exploring the various ways to look at one image and the input from everyone…ta muchly!

The film grain effect I put together with Niks software and it worked pretty well I feel.

Feel free to comment and criticise as you se fit!

Perth City Rainstorm Sunrise

Sometimes you don’t need to go too far from home to get a good shot. Well how about getting a good shot from home, from your own verandah!

Last week there was a few mornings where we had new storm fronts coming through and this particular morning the sky just lit up once the sun hit the rain clouds and the rain that had already started to fall.

63 V dub?

My guess is the above car wreck is a 1963 Beetle? How close am I?

Another car wreck left on the side of the old Broome road at the Munda Station.

There was also a cool looking tractor wreck that looked like it was set up to run a saw or something near a sheering shed. Exploring properties like Munda can be most intriguing when you stop and wonder just what used to go on back in the day!

Sun Princess leaving Fremantle

One of the things I have enjoyed about living in East Freo these days is that you are closer to the action.

I noticed a Channel 7 chopper hanging around the harbour when i got home and the curiosity got the better of me to investigate…with trusty camera on hand of course!

It became pretty evident that the Sun Princess was about to depart and the conditions could not have been better. Nice and glassy and some beautiful soft lift to boot.

Oldsmobile maybe?

Following up from my last post, here is the grill view that might assist some of the more savy car buffs to identify the vehicle.

I am having trouble locating Dogga, so see what you can find out. I think that Greggy Munyard is onto it as my search on Google seemed to suggest similar shapes, but I could not find this grill?

Anyway…see how you go!