29 thoughts on “New Wave Rock

  1. Great find, Markie! I didn’t know there was a mini Wave Rock.

    I prefer the colour version because it’s so representative of the Aussie wheatbelt / outback ie. orangey granite, green/grey plants and beautiful blue skies (and bright clouds).

    1. Interestingly different takes there Tommy and Greggy! I think I lean slightly towards the colour myself, but I take your point about the harsh light Tommy! Thanks for the comments boys!

  2. I prefer the black and white.. but try adjusting the colour balance / white balance in your RAW conversion to black and white.. I think if you adjust it up to a warmer tone, the rock will pop just a bit more 🙂

    – paul

  3. I think I prefer the colour myself, but then again I do like colour in alot of shots but that’s just my taste.
    So I want to ask why Tom feels that the light is too harsh for the colour? Is it that the rocks would look softer if the light was less harsh or something else. Not being smart as you know Mark just wanting to learn.

    1. Yep – me, too, Andrea. I love the vibrancy of the colour. The colours are a key reason why I have Kimberley and outback holidays all the time so I’m really interested to understand the other point of view regarding this pic.

      1. Yeh see it’s not just me Greg, but howz Mark’s form calling me blondie just cause I want to know, bit harsh hey LOL. It’s probably because Mark’ shot was taken during the middle of the day instead of morning or afternoon, is that right Mark?

        1. Hey Andrea, go with the Blondie thing! Flemming looks pretty blonde (well not pretty) but I wouldn’t take him on in an IQ test – or a fishing competition …

          1. Cheers Greg and hey buddy, how was the road trip, are you in Derby? Has Dave become a permanent feature of Parry Lagoon?

            Greg, I only caught the Barra ‘cos I stood on the shoulders of giants, my teachers – you my friend! Also, gigantic failure when we both landed barra’s within minutes of each other and we’re both shooters and we have no images at all! Doh!

            ‘Pretty Blonde in a Dress’ is me when it’s party night it seems 🙂

          2. Hey Greg, you know I’m not really blonde at all but I figure when I have a dah moment I just say “well you know I have blonde roots, don’t you?” The funny thing is Mark start giving me S**t about being blonde and I hadn’t even used my blonde line on him yet. Great minds think alike.
            I think I have it pretty good seeings how most of you are blokes I can just drop the but I’m a girl card or I’m blonde and then when I come out with something really clever I look even smarter. Now who says I’m not clever! Bwaa Haa Ha

  4. Yes I agree the colours are typical of the Northern areas troops and I also lean towards this version.

    Yes, the shot was taken around 1500 from memory, so still a little harsh, but it was cloudy and so the light was filtered a bit.

    At the end of the day we all like different things I guess so there is no right or wrong.

    You know I am only having a lend Blondie…….!:)

    1. Yeh I know Mark, I just gotta give you some crap when it’s called for LOL.

      See I’m so clever I’ve even got the light sussed, I am getting good. Yeh for me.

      1. OK yes you’re clever Blondie! 🙂 Here the one about the Blonde goes into a garage asking to buy a new 710 from the engine bay coz she’s lost hers? The mechanic scratches his head and said I have never heard of such things…it turns out to be the OIL cap upside down! 🙂

        1. BWWAAAA HAAA Ha too funny Mark, I got one but it’s not blonde based. Why did the banana go to the doctors? Cause he wasn’t peeling well. You can see I’ve been hanging around with kids WAY too much when that’s the only joke I have LOL.

  5. Hey buddy. I love the outback colours, but yes in this case I also find them a bit harsh so I would go with the BW version. I find it needs work though, the tones of the rocks are nearly the same tones as the bush. You need to in your bw conversion brighten all the orange and red and lower the sliders for yellow and green. If you’re using Nik, try an orange filter on this.

    1. Yes, not our brightest moment. I quite often think about cutting off my blonde hair when I’ve had one too many blonde jokes, might make me even more intelligent. Then again, might drive me over the edge, round the bend to craziness (I’m thinking I’m sort of half way there 🙂

    2. Don’t rub it in, mate. When Flemming pulled his Barra out, the water level in the Berkeley dropped 6 inches. You shoulda seen it. He had the good grace to quickly throw it back in for future breeding so I’ll claim that as my excuse!

  6. Well for me Mark it’s the colour I just so loved those tones we were getting but great tones also lend to a great B&W image as you get awesome contrast this is why I also love the B&W version but maybe with some dodging and burning here and there to give the image more dimension and depth to the eye but like we all say there are to many people in the world to be worried about just one version and we all have a different eye and fancy different things.
    Mate I love them both but like what Tom said it was a little harsh but hey we did pretty good with what we had eh ;).

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