Greens Pool Denmark

During our whirlwind tour of our South West we went through Denmark. Jamie knew of this beautiful beach setting known as Greens Pool.

I can imagine that it would be very popular in Summer, but on this occasion we only had a few people enjoying the tranquil waters, one family were obviously some German tourists who were very much enjoying the scenery.

13 thoughts on “Greens Pool Denmark

    1. I can see why Paul and I can also see that it would be great snorkelling as well. I will ensure to take said snorkelling gear next time round! Thanks for the positive feedback Paul.

  1. I absolutely recommend a wetsuit, even in the middle of summer, it’s always freezing, there are a couple of decent sized groper in the back area too. I’ve been a few times in winter and summer, and it feels the same temp 🙂

  2. Yes a nice spot indeed. I have a few good shots from here but need to go back again in the winter I think. I can back Paul up on the water temp. typical south coast freezing water.

  3. First time I went snorkelling there, it was early June 2 years ago.. it was pretty freezing, there was me in my boardies and no shirt.. and I was the only Aussie in, there were some Irish and English back packers and that was about it! Crystal clear conditions for photography though and it gets fairly deep in spots 🙂

    1. Morning buddy. Yes I am not built for anything colder than PNG conditions 🙂
      I have been looking at PNG images so much doing my book, I am sick with wanderlust to go back there, what a paradise.

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