Pink Lake

Neal Pritchard and I took a drive up North over the weekend. We went to Cervantes and the Pinnacles on Friday night and then over to Windflower country near Paynes Find. The colours in this Lake near Paynes Find really caught our eye and is the first of 16 Gig’s of photos I took this weekend.

All in all we have a great time and saw some amazing landscapes in full bloom after a solid winter of rains. Our Western Australian country side is in full bloom people…get out and check it out! πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey Mark,
      We’re in the Netherlands at the moment. Haven’t had much connectivity online recently so it was just chance I popped over to have a look at what you’ve been up to. We left the UK on Monday and drove to Bruge, today will be Amsterdam and then up through Germany and into Denmark….we are having a ball. Hoping the Northern lights will put on a show when we get up to Scandinavia…keep your fingers crossed for us. Big hugs xxx

  1. I didn’t see you out there. I was at Paynes Find and camped near Mongers Lake last night, I was by myself.

    I decided to go back to the Paynes Find area after we went through last week but didn’t stop.

    The countryside is alive with flowers thats for sure.

  2. Hey thats a bummer Merv! We could have sat around a camp fire or something!

    As it was Neal and I tried to get to the lake on the North Side. Ended up at some Sanctuary with a bitch running it….oh you should have called first for permission…can we stay and take some shots in the morning…no! Some people blow my mind eh!

    1. So where were you. ??
      Sounds like you might have gone into Mt Gibson Station.

      I went about 5ks on the north side of Paynes Find then turned off the main rd and went up to the top of the lake then down the west side.

      Where did you camp ?

      1. Yep, that was it, Mt Gibson.

        When the bitch said we couldn’t stay, we just went out of the gate and camped right there!

        I didn’t think to see where you were as I thought you had gone east!

        Will make sure I check next time eh!

        1. We came back from that trip on Wed. night. I had Dowerin Field days Thru, and a meeting in Perth on Fri. The camper was still on the ute so I decided to head off about 6 Sat morn, got home about 5 tonight.

          So did you go west of the main rd to the lake or maybe this was another spot.

  3. Simplicity and glorious. Mark! Western Australia has some amazing landscapes and scenery
    Hi Neal
    Hi Merv.!

  4. I’ll have a few up over the next couple of days, eyes are pretty much closed this evening πŸ™‚ … Thats a shame we never bumped into each other up there Merv, we more than likely drove past you as we drove back and forth a few times between PF and that section of road to Gibsons …

  5. Oh yeah , its Lake Moore.
    That’s not a bad drive home down the Mourubra Rd.

    I was north of Paynes Find, same place you went too with Christian and Mike etc, last year I think.

    In the scheme of things we were pretty close together thats for sure.

    I’ll put up something soon.

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