Fields of White in WA’s Wildflower country

This is a typical example of what is out in the wildflower belt in Western Australia at the moment!

Miles upon miles of miles of colour and when mixed with with the deep reds of the ground and the various blues in the sky it makes for some pretty nice scenery.

It took Neal and I a little while to get our heads around how to properly capture the beauty for what it was as it is a very different style of shooting to what we are both used to.

But, for sure we came away with a fair bit of quality images I feel…hope you like this one as well!

12 thoughts on “Fields of White in WA’s Wildflower country

  1. Hey buddy, the composition is classic view camera composition for mucho foreground and works but may I offer a few suggestions for improvement? With your tilt shift you could have the camera really close to the ground with the flowers large in the foreground – and you could tilt the lens and still have everything in focus. Classic view camera style enabled by your tilt shift šŸ™‚

    1. I like the idea Flembot and will take it on board next time.

      This was a 3 image stitch with the 50mm and focus stacked as well, but I agree the low 17 mm would have worked well.

      I think the only negative with using the 17 is the trees would have faded off in the distance with the wide angle.

      I did take a couple of high shots with the 17 and pulled out the 50 for that very reason.

      I guess making a feature of the flowers close would then be the main focus!

  2. Your right Mark , it is hard to get a shot that really stands out.

    I seemed to end up with postcard shots , but then I guess that’s what it really is.

    I was trying macro and focus stacking but even though it was beautiful weather there was enough air movement to make both of those type of shots impossible almost.

    1. Yes a different mindset all together Merv eh!

      I also did some macros and quit enjoyed doing so!

      It’s a little like being in the movie ‘honey I shrunk the kids’ for a while eh, because your focus becomes so narrow!

  3. Hi Mark

    I feel you have captured the scene very well – the landscape is very flat and covered in white wildflowers. the gum trees in the distance are very typical of the northern wheatbelt, I guess the challenge is how to portray this in an image that is “interesting”. What you have done works for me.


  4. Lots of photos of grandkids, a few landscapes At 6-7 frames a second you can generate a lot of shots of a 3 1/2 year old playing softball. It is interesting being shown around by a “local” compared to previous visits. However I am enjoying it and will miss them all when I return.


  5. Nice mark I like it … but then again I could be a little bias LOL I shot it the same way … I would just pull a damped a little big the red in the tree trucks and whiten the whites a little more … but thats all subjective to ones personal processing … I like it

  6. Thanks Neal…you spotted the composition first in any case and I certainly agree that the whites could be whiter…will have another crack at it taking on board those comments.

    How did Helicon go for you mate?

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